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Fates of Ort fantasy RPG to freeze time in March

fates of ort fantasy rpg release to freeze time on linux mac windows pc

Fates of Ort retro fantasy RPG release due to freeze time on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer 8BitSkull. Due to release this March on Steam.

Fates of Ort games gameplay focuses on strategic action. Since this is a land where time is frozen when you stand still. Cast powerful spells. But beware, they will also cost you your life. Due to release on Linux, Mac and Windows on March 31st.

Fates of Ort will have you playing as a novice mage. Forcing you to save the world and those that are important to you. You are free to explore the world, and take on the final boss when you are ready. Fighting enemies using your spells allows you to gain equipment. And of course, level up to learn new spells. Consequently, you can quests to gain access to new areas. Along the way you to save and unlock allies, gain items and powers. Replays and those small decisions can have lasting and serious results. And also lead to different game outcomes.

Fates of Ort – trailer

The world of Ort is literally crumbling under your feet. The ground in Fates of Ort collapses to reveal huge pits. This is why monsters roam the forests killing blindly. You can also expect corrupted mages. Crazed with their power and weaving spells of ruin.


  • Magic: There are multiple spells to discover and learn. The effect of the spells changes depending on what element you combine them with.
  • Strategy: Fates of Ort is a hybrid of real time and turn based action. As long as no action is happening by the player, time stands still. Tactical and considered combat is key.
  • Open world: Places can be visited out of sequence. And many late stage areas are available right from the beginning. Exploration is encouraged.
  • Replayability: Decisions made are permanent. You can complete Fates of Ort without rescuing key NPCs or even the world itself.
  • Endless gear to find: some ordinary, some cursed, some utterly legendary.
  • NPC interactions that fundamentally alter the course of the story progression.
  • Story: Focus is placed on quality narrative and dialogue. Coupled with the beautiful and unique pixel graphics, custom soundtrack, and ambient sounds, the experience is gripping and atmospheric.

Fates of Ort retro fantasy RPG is due to launch on March 31st. Releasing on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. And the price is not yet available.

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