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Fear of The Unknown horror game hits Early Access

fear of the unknown - chapter one horror game hits early access gaming on linux mac windows pc

Fear of The Unknown – Chapter One horror game hits Early Access gaming on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Saaed Badday. Which now releases on Steam Early Access with a discount. And despite the few reviews, they are all positive.

Fear of The Unknown – Chapter One is a fear inducing horror game. Since it allows players to delve into a long forgotten stream of memories. Which also recalls victims of a dark figure that is around you. Will your soul have the strength needed to survive?

Experience the horror in reliving the past horrible crime scenes. Since they all take place in this strange world. Fear of The Unknown – Chapter One targets the fear of the “unexpected” or the “unknown”. While using multiple environments to amplify the fear that this game provides.

As stated on Steam, the game will be made up of different scenes. All of which come out separately. Since each scene takes roughly 1-2 months to develop. This will put Early Access into roughly 6 months to a year. As Saaed Badday adds more horror encounters, puzzles, and sound effects. Not to mention expanding the story and language settings. Plus including more characters, environments, and in-game interraction items.

Fear of The Unknown Gameplay Trailer

Fear of The Unknown – Chapter One follows the story of Edward Hevaney. More noteworthy, the story of his death. His job as a personal doctor to a patient named Marilyn. So he has to leave the city and visit her twice-weekly. As a result, his last visit does not end well.
So expect the first chapter to contain suspenseful events. All designed to keep the player suspence. Since you don’t know what will come next. But those pauses can also be moments of realization.

Following the development of Fear of The Unknown – Chapter One. The creators aim to interact with the community. Those eager to get directly, you will also have the chance to participate in future beta testing. This will be made available via Steam updates. So you check out the next scenes and chapters. Which allows the player community to get more involved in Fear of The Unknown development.

Unlike most horror games out there, Fear of The Unknown‘s settings are unique. Creating real looking places, so that players get the feeling of being there. These emmersive events will have you kooking around. Which might be the right thing to do if you are a story seeker.
Seeing you have to solve some puzzles. The game lets you learn the past and the truth behind everything. Mainly the past of the dark figure. But be careful not to go too deep. Or you might just end up like the rest of them.

Fear of The Unknown – Chapter One is looking to level up Linux gaming. As well as Mac and Windows PC. This is a fear inducing horror game. Available with a 10% discount until September 10th on Steam. Dropping the price down to $13.49 USD.

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