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Feels text based RPG now in Early Access

feels text based rpg now in early access on windows pc then linux

Feels text based RPG is now in Early Access for Windows PC, but a Linux port is possible. Thanks to indie game developer Copper Heart Factory. Since the game is now live on Steam.

Feels invites players of all ages and experience levels. This is also a very unique ASCII and text-based RPG. Since every decision you make has an impact on the world.
Since arriving in a small village surrounded by a forest. Here your actions and choices will determine your fate. But this is not only for yourself, but for everyone around you. That is, unless you find a way, all will perish to an unknown decease. Which only you can prevent.

Since Feels is still in development. The game is fully playable with incredible depth and functionality. But so far only Windows PC support. So we reached out about Linux. Here’s what Copper Heart Factory had to say:

The game was built from scratch in C/C++. A Linux port is certainly possible. Right now I am focused on the next chapter of the game. But I’d love to look into it once I get the time.

Since Copper Heart Factory is focusing on game development. Feels is a big undertaking that aims to deliver as many endings as possible. So the developer is really focused on creating a deeper experience. And the limited reviews on Steam all have positive feedback. Even though the games due to be in Early Access for Two years.
That and I also found a few press people touting the game. So this is definitely a title worth playing. Particularly if you are partial to visual novels.

FEELS – Official Trailer

Feels is a refreshing new game. Since we typically seen an emphasis is on stunning graphics. Along with crazy details cut scenes. The game challenges your imagination. An ASCII produced text based RPG. Where the story, characters, action and emotion take precedence. Some may call it a blast from the past or retro. Or a tribute to Infocom adventures reinvented.
Here, your challenge is to accept one of four gods. While your playable character arrives in the village. Since there are limited clues about what is going on.

Your objective in Feels is to discover all of the unique endings available. Each play-through is different, and you need to create custom characters to unveil all possible outcomes. “Time” is an important factor in the game. And events will occur based entirely on your ability to react accordingly. This adds a level of realism unheard of to a turn-based RPG.
You may interact with, influence, buy and learn from non-playable characters. They, in turn, will either aide or prevent you from succeeding. You need to discover on your own who is friend and who is foe. Each character that you create will have its own unique story unfolding.


  • Multiple Endings
  • Inspiring Sound-Track
  • Turn-Based Combat
  • Genuine Characters
  • Levels Of Difficulty

Feels is available now on Steam Early Access. Priced at $7.99 USD and available for Windows PC. The Linux build will likely follow later. But we will issue details once closer to release.

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