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Felix the Reaper adventure and native support

felix the reaper adventure and linux support

Felix the Reaper is a 3D shadow manipulation puzzle adventure coming to Windows and Mac, then Linux. Where players take on the role of the titular reaper, who also works at The Ministry of Death. A unique game from developer Kong Orange.

Since I have been emailing Kong Orange for a while now. Apparently somewhere in the mayhem, we are missing a news post about the game. And a question and answer session regarding Linux support.

Linux Support:

  • Such as what is the target release? It’s PC/Mac right now, but we are expecting news on more funding soon, which will most likely change that.
  • Are you aiming for a day-one Linux release? If we get the extra funding, yes.
  • If not, what would be the expectation for a Linux build? Within 2-3 month from the initial release if we don’t get it out right away.

So there you have it, Linux support is in the mix for the puzzle adventure. That means we will not have a day-one release, sadly. And despite how much the trailer reminds of the intro to Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Linux support is coming, but there no confirmed release date for the games launch yet.

So here’s the story. Felix the Reaper is in love with Betty The Maiden from The Ministry of Life. Felix believes that going to the human world and completing the grim tasks of a field reaper will enable him to one day meet her.

In each level, Felix will need to move in the shadows and manipulate the environment to ensure that the Ministry of Death meets its quota, as well as fulfil his own agenda of finding Betty… and he is practicing his dance moves while he is at it. Yes, Felix is dancing while he is making sure people die!

Completing each level of Felix the Reaper unlocks a hardcore version of itself for the dedicated ministerial achiever. Players can also collect skull achievements, which further unlock bonus time trials for the extremely resourceful reaper.

Felix The Reaper – Official Preview Trailer (Windows, Mac, then Linux)

Daedalic founder and CEO Carsten Fichtelmann said:

“From its quirky mix of challenging puzzles and indie music soundtrack, everyone here at Daedalic love what the team at Kong Orange has put together with Felix the Reaper. We are delighted to publish the game on behalf of Kong Orange, as well as get it in the hands of consumers at gamescom and PAX West over the next few weeks.”

Esben Kjær Ravn, Producer at Kong Orange said:

“We are excited to partner with Daedalic, as Felix the Reaper will benefit from its expertise when it comes to marketing and distribution, allowing us to focus on completing a game that will make Felix and the Ministry of Death proud. We are also looking forward to introducing Felix to gamers, media and influencers during Gamescom and PAX West.”

Felix the Reaper features:

  • An original 3D shadow mechanic at the core of the game
  • Challenging puzzles in an original story world
  • Choose your own tune from a selection of 10+ indie music artists on Felix’s Walkman
  • Collect skull achievements that further unlock bonus time trials
  • Felix’s dance moves have been choreographed with professional dancers

Felix the Reaper shadow manipulation puzzle adventure will be releasing on Mac and Windows in 2019. While Linux, as stated above will be coming a couple of months later in 2019. And there is no Steam page available yet.

Check out more details on the official website. Also follow the project on Twitter.

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