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Festival DLC releases the celebration in Tropico 6

festival game dlc releases the celebration in tropico 6 on linux mac and windows pc

Festival game DLC releases the celebration in Tropico 6 on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the ongoing creative effort of developer Realmforge Studios. Which is available now with a discount on Steam, GOG, and Humble Store.

Publisher Kalypso Media and developer Realmforge Studios throw open the doors for Tropico 6. That now releases the ultimate governing party in the brand new Festival DLC. Since Linux, Mac, and Windows PC players are invited to host the biggest bonanza the island has ever seen. Presiding over its planning and working closely with El Presidente.

Tropico 6 – Festival challenges players to channel their creativity. Doing so by planning and managing a series of parties. All while combating ‘The Boredom’ – an evil, fun fighting force. One that threatens to thwart all parties on the sun soaked isles of Tropico.

Tropico 6 | Festival DLC

Granting players to serve up the best soirees possible. The Tropico 6 Festival DLC also adds a unique party planning mechanic to Tropico 6. Since the game allows players to host 20+ types of festivals. Four special, themed areas will be included for players to throw amazing shindigs. As well as new buildings such as the Dance School. There is even a Balloon and Fireworks factory to help get the party started. Players will also be able to enjoy a host of new musical additions. Alongside a snazzy party outfit for El Prez. Plus a paint job for the palace.


  • Party it up with the new ‘Festival’ mechanic: host 20+ types of festivals. Each based off different eras and ensure your soirees are the talk of the town for years to come
  • New scenario driven campaign: take on The Boredom – an ancient evil threatening to engulf Tropico. Doing so in clouds of ordinary and mind numbing activities
  • 8 new buildings: make use of 4 new festival areas. This ensures your parties are well equipped with new buildings. Such as the Balloon Factory and Fireworks Factory
  • Add a spring to your citizens’ step with the Dance School. Keep your island visitor numbers healthy by adding a Ticket Shop for specific festivals
  • 4 new tunes: keep the party going with an assortment of new tracks. Each tailored to a different festival
  • 3 new edicts: experiment with exciting new features like Funhouser Special, Customer Service and Laundry Festivals
  • 2 new customization options: pick your perfect party outfit. Then color your palace to match it

Tropico 6 Festival DLC adds more to the strategy simulation game. That releases on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. While offering a 10% discount until September 8th, dropping the price to $13.49 USD. So you can save on your purchase via Steam, GOG, and Humble Store.

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