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Fictorum magic RPG releases, coming to Linux

fictorum magic RPG releases dev say linux and mac coming to windows games

Fictorum the magic based action RPG releases on Steam and GOG. Which encourages players to call forth the biggest ball of fire possible. While shooting it full-force at enemies. Since there is no need to put those destructive urges on the back-burner. because available now on Windows.

“I do think it’s reasonable to say that you can expect a Linux port. All I can say for sure is that Linux support is one of our top 3 priorities after release (Mac and Mods being the other 2).”

So does spell-slinging with reckless abandon catch your attention? Do you want to single-handedly take down the games evil empire? Then here are three handy reasons why you need this one-man magic machine in your life:

  • ONE. Right from the get-go, wield the power to level castles in showers of debris. As you grow stronger, up your magical arsenal. Learning to level even larger castles in even larger showers of debris. Since flying debris is a great Inquisition-squashing weapon.
  • TWO. Customize your magic arsenal on the fly with spell-shaping. Whether you want to make your lightning arc between enemies. Or home into nearby targets while setting up a trap of massive ice pillars. Since there’s a rune for you. Simply hold down your right mouse button and give shape to the destruction. Yet ensuring no obstacle is immune to your magical will.
  • THREE. No two adventures are the same as. Since players traverse a procedurally generated world map. Hunting for the Grand Inquisitor. Stay one step ahead of the Inquisition forces. Since you will have to chart your journey in the next evolution. Choosing your own adventure.

Fictorum Release Trailer:

Fictorum Features:

  • Destructible environments: Turn villages and castles against their inhabitants with well-placed spells. While reducing them to deadly, flying debris.
  • A new kind of spellcasting: Arm yourself with the games wide array of spells and then unleash their true destructive potential. While altering their effects on the fly with spell-shaping.
  • Choose your own adventure: Navigate a procedurally generated world map as you make choices. Since these will alter the flow of your journey. Do you stop to help a wealthy town in need, or do you save your energy for later?
  • Relive your past lives: Visit the Void to read up on the exploits of your previous incarnations. Examining the choices that led them to their ultimate fate.

The games plan going forward, according to the Discussion post:

Our first 3 priorities are:

  1. Fixing Bugs as we find out about them (I’m sure we’ve missed some)
  2. Mac and Linux Support
  3. Mod Support

While Fictorum is an action RPG that laughs at the idea of limiting your magical potential. Since it releases now on Steam and GOG for Windows. So there’s no better time than now to become the wizard you always dreamed of. Be sure to follow @Scraping_Bottom or visit the official website.

Since the game releases on Windows, the Linux build is enroute. Yet there is no set release date since the developers are focusing on game fixes right now.

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