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Fictorum to make a post release Linux debut

fictorum to make a post release linux mac debut in windows games

So, have you ever wanted to wield the forces of nature? While pushing the limits of their destructive capabilities? Do you prefer your wizardry to be on the explosive side of things? So you’re in luck, because Scraping Bottom #Games announced their action RPG #Fictorum. Which will launch for #Windows on August 9, 2017, via Steam, GOG and Game Jolt. Yet there are also plans for a Linux and Mac debut:

So to put things more formally. Reaching out to Scraping Bottom Games issued the following statement about Linux support:

“I do think it’s reasonable to say that you can expect a Linux port. All I can say for sure is that Linux support is one of our top 3 priorities after release (Mac and Mods being the other 2).”

Since no release date has been issued for the Linux release. The only confirmation available will be, post Windows launch. So obviously after the games August 9, 2017 release on Windows.

Since gameplay is set against the backdrop of a desperate fight for survival. Fictorum casts players in the role of a powerful wizard. Hence the last of a forbidden magical order. While facing off the theocratic empire responsible for the Fictorum’s eradication. Called the Inquisition. So players must flip this struggle with an impressive array of destructive spells.

From flaming meteors and chain lightning, to pillars of ice, the Fictorum wields the power to demolish structures in a rain of debris, giving the Inquisition ample reason to fear them. Not enough destruction? Players can apply runes to each of the game’s spells to further augment them, allowing them to dynamically shape spells on the fly as they adapt to their surroundings. Need to take out a group of fast-moving enemies? Turn a regular old ball of plasma into a swarm of homing, explosive balls of plasma. Problem solved.

Therefore the player’s ultimate goal is to track down the Grand Inquisitor. While avenging the order of the Fictorum. So players must travel across a procedurally generated world map. Weighing risk and reward. Since your decisions will impact the resistance players face and loot they find. Resulting in a unique and explosive adventure across a broken world. From dynamic spell-shaping to environmental destruction at your fingertips.

Fictorum: Three Minute Gameplay Demo:

Fictorum Features

  • A new kind of spell-casting: Arm yourself with a wide array of spells. Then unleash their true, destructive potential by altering their effects on the fly with spell-shaping.
  • Destructible environments: Turn villages and castles against their inhabitants with well-placed spells. Reducing them to deadly flying debris.
  • Choose your own adventure: Navigate a procedurally generated world map. As you make choices which will alter the flow of your journey. Do you stop to help a wealthy town in need? Or do you save your energy for later?
  • Relive your past lives: Visit the Void to read up on the exploits of your previous incarnations. Examining the choices that led them to their ultimate fate.

So be sure to check the game out on Steam and Game Jolt. Follow @Scraping_Bottom and visit the official website.

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