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Financial Districts out for Cities: Skylines

financial districts game dlc launches for cities: skylines on linux mac and windows pc

Financial Districts game DLC launches for Cities: Skylines on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. This is the result of the ongoing work from developer Colossal Order Ltd. Available now on Steam with 91% Positive reviews.

Paradox Interactive and Colossal Order launched Cities: Skylines – Financial Districts, an investment focused expansion.
Also launching with Financial Districts is the Map Pack 2 content creator pack. Also the African Vibes radio pack. Due to bring in more biomes and expanding the game’s music library.

The Financial Districts Mini Expansion Release Trailer

Cities: Skylines – Financial Districts brings in a financial feature and over 100 assets to the game. While allowing players to boost the economy of their cities using new buildings, services, and specialization. Players can also invest in industries like healthcare, mining, and agriculture. All due to meet their citizens’ needs.

Key Features:

  • Investments
    Invest your money wisely and better the lives of your citizens. Many sectors await your support in Financial Districts. Such as deathcare, healthcare, oil, ore, farming, generic industry, and logistics. Keep track of your finances with the new stock trading tab.
  • Stock exchange
    Level up your funds with the stock exchange. This new building also unlocks the tax income bonus. Available for office zone buildings in its area.
  • Bank buildings
    Money, money, money! Banks add a new service to your city. Improve its safety thanks to their transport vans. Since they collect cash from commercial zone buildings, decrease the crime rates in the area.
  • Financial District Specialization
    Unlock a new district for office zones when you reach the “Big Town” milestone. Financial Districts features a new visual style. Generate higher taxes than basic office zones but lowers happiness. The tax income bonus increases if a stock exchange is nearby.

Coming with the release of Financial Districts is Content Creator Pack Map Pack 2. This also adds 10 maps that explore different biomes. Such as Boreal, Desert, Tropical, and Temperate. Likewise, players can also purchase the African Vibes Radio Station. This features 16 tracks to inspire the family of city planners. Players can look forward to Africa in Miniature Content Creator Pack coming to Cities: Skylines. Due to arrive early next year, as part of the Cities: Skylines World Tour.

Financial Districts launches for Cities: Skylines now on Steam. Priced at $7.99 USD / 5.79 GBP / 7.99 EUR. Along with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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