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Finding Paradise second episode from Freebird Games for Linux, Mac and Windows PC


#FreebirdGames #announced the second episode of To the Moon‘s series, Finding Paradise, set to #release at the end of 2016 for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. “But,” its developer adds sleazily, “given how my past release schedules have been, it’s probably gonna be early 2017 instead.”

Along with the announcement is a teaser video, demoing a track from the game’s OST, “Time Is a Place”:

About Finding Paradise:

Like its predecessor, the game follows two doctors as they traverse through a patient’s memories to artificially fulfill their last wish.
While the patient, Colin, is the boy from A Bird Story all grown up, Finding Paradise is a self-contained story that does not require having played either A Bird Story or To the Moon as prerequisite (although their added context would affect the experience).


Above: The massive graphical improvement is one of many upgrades going from To the Moon to Finding Paradise. Minimum technical specs to be determined.

As with all the episodes in the series, it features a main plotline revolving around the patient’s life story, as well as an over-arching plot involving the doctors themselves. Like the storytelling in each episode themselves, the player doesn’t have to take on the games in their chronological release-order to partake in the over-arching plot.

About Freebird Games:
Kan Gao’s Canadian independent game development studio operating out of an igloo, powered by moose treadmills.





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