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Finland – Winter Storm hits Sudden Strike 4

finland – winter storm dlc hits sudden strike 4 for linux mac windows

Finland – Winter Storm DLC is now available for Sudden Strike 4 on Linux, Mac and Windows. So thanks to Kalypso Media who are eager to announce the release of the next chapter. This bring the World War 2 strategy heavyweight Sudden Strike 4 a new challenge.

Finland – Winter Storm releases Steam, GOG and Humble Store. The new DLC is based on the events of the Russian advances on Finland. The adventure during and after the Winter War, up until the Vyborg Offensive in 1944.

Offering two new mini-campaigns and six missions. The DLC faithfully recreates some of the war’s most important conflicts between the Finnish and Soviet forces.

Also in the Soviet campaign, players will attempt to capture the village of Suomussalmi. Protecting the railway to Murmansk against a German-Finnish offensive. And break through the Finnish defensive lines during the Vyborg Offensive.

In the Finnish campaign, you must retake and hold the village of Suomussalmi. While crushing Soviet reinforcements, seize back the Lähde sector and hold the final defense line in the Battle of Tali-Ihantala.

Sudden Strike 4 – Finland – Winter Storm DLC (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Alongside the new campaigns, Finland – Winter Storm also introduces three new doctrine commanders. So players can choose artillery expert Vilho Petter Nenonen. Tank general Ruben Lagus and renowned general Karl Lennart Oesch. All of which introduce new strategic options for tackling this latest set of challenges.

You’ll also have 19 new vehicles to deploy. Including new rescue vehicles, the Russian KV-1 and BT-7M, and the Finnish Stug III G and Flak 36. So this means more offensive tactics will be need to get through the defenses. It’s going to be a challenge.

Finland – Winter Storm is available now on Linux, Mac and Windows. Releasing on Steam, GOG and Humble Store priced at $9.99 USD.

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