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Fishkeeper lets you become a professional aquarist

fishkeeper lets you become a professional aquarist on windows pc and linux port

Fishkeeper lets you become a professional aquarist on Windows PC and would like to create a Linux port. Thanks to the efforts of developer Blinkclick Games. Due to make a debut on Steam in 2021.

Fishkeeper is the newly announced game from the Blinkclick Games studio in Cracow. Which you can also call “Sims in an aquarium” or “Underwater Tamagotchi”. With a unique mix of economic strategy and aquarium simulator in full 3D. Which is certainly cheaper than owning a fish tank. While offering a real life simulation of the experience.

In the Fishkeeper, players take on the role of a hobbyist looking after an aquarium. Since you have to buy our own tank, equipment all and in real time. While of course taking care of the fish. Satisfying their various needs, depending on the species. As in other life simulators, players have to ensure that the fish are fed, safe, and healthy. And also, do not lack proper company.
There are even more complicated parameters to deal with. Such as the water pH, salinity level, temperature and tank contamination. The only thing not listed is a Linux port. Here’s what Blinkclick Games have to say.

We would definitely like to create a port for Linux. We will do our best to make it happen. And we using Unreal Engine 4 for development.

It should not be a surprise to see Unreal Engine 4 used for developers. Fishkeeper on Linux is at least in the works. But developer Blinkclick Games also state they will not add the platform to the Steam page. Since the native build is a work in progress.

Fishkeeper – Official Trailer

The future Fishkeeper offers a whole range of freshwater and saltwater aquarium fish. Including shrimp, snails, plants and corals. While allowing you to fully recreate the ecosystem of an artificial reservoir. As you wokr to become a professional aquarist. Each animal and plant species will vary. Not only in appearance but also in terms of the conditions of the aquarium. Such as eating, space and the specificity of reproduction. Just as in real life, all organisms will interact with each other. Due to each having their own specific way to influence their environment.
The game also contains recreated mechanisms that occur in nature. Which is available for the different species of organisms. The player’s task will be to maintain a natural balance in the tank. While fostering the development of the ecosystem and preventing ecosystem disasters.

By caring for fish and other animals. A true Fishkeeper will achieve the gradual development of the biosystem. Including how the organisms grow and reproduce. While passing the stages of life from egg to fry to a fully developed adult. In time, you will be able to start selling fish to free up space in the aquarium. And at the same time raise funds for further development. The rarest and most beautiful specimens can be sold at auction. Due to bring in the biggest profit.

Admiring your creation

Players will be able to admire our the aquarium by cruising in a specially designed bathyscaphe. Something that can be described as a water drone. Likewise, you can customize your bathyscaphe. Such as doing things like changing its appearance, color, and battery capacity. As well as it’s speed, replacing parts and adding modules. This device will also allow players to record films and take photos. Even clean the aquarium and perform other tasks. Due to help in keeping the Fishkeeper biosystem working.

Features of the game:

  • Combining an economic strategy with a simulator: meet the needs of fish and observe their lives in real time, while ensuring good breeding results;
  • A wide variety of freshwater, marine, coral, shrimp, and snails. As well as other aquatic species are available;
  • Customize the aquarium equipment, shape, size and appearance of tanks;
  • Buy various animal and plant species, sell bred fish in the store. With fine and rare specimens to sell at an auction;
  • Watch the views from the bathyscaphe cabin as you control it inside the aquarium; you can also use it to clean the tank from the inside;
  • Decorate your aquarium with lots of decorations, corals, posters etc.

Those looking become a professional aquarist in Fishkeeper. The game is due to arrive in the last quarter of 2021. In the meantime, you can add the game to the Steam Wishlist, which the creators kindly request.

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