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Fist of the Forgotten platformer gets a Demo

fist of the forgotten platformer game gets a demo for both linux and windows pc

Fist of the Forgotten platformer game gets a Demo for both Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to the work and effort of developer Lone Wulf Studio. Working to make its way onto Steam.

Lone Wulf Studio is taking part in Dreamhack Beyond. Releasing demos for both the upcoming Fist of the Forgotten and Goop Loop on Steam.

Fist of the Forgotten is a silhoutte-styled platformer with a huge focus on momentum. Sliding down slopes allows you to gain speed. While jumping and moving up ramps gives you extra height (much like the Quake FPS series). Gaining a giant, mechanical fist allows for both combat and new traversal functions.

For several months, the Fist of the Forgotten demo has not been available to the public. Since there are a number of changes to implement first. Due to things like adding new content. As well as improving quality based on feedback from players.

Fist of the Forgotten WIP Gameplay Trailer

3D assets and high framerate physics allow for perfectly smooth, and fluid animation. Even on monitors that display at 100hz. Mechanics in the game, such as sliding down slopes and grappling allow you to build up and maintain speed.

The biggest addition the Fist of the Forgotten demo is a secret, lore-revealing cutscene. If you collect all the flowers and visit the graveyard, you’ll be able to see a high-fidelity animation. Due to leaving you with more questions than answers. There is also a couple of new challenge levels that can be unlocked.

Fist of the Forgotten platformer games story contains no dialogue. So you are free to pay attention to the details to understand the depth of the story. Then try to uncover alternate endings. Or simply focus on flowing through the levels as quickly as possible. The Steam Demo is available on both Linux and Windows PC. Enjoy. Also be sure to Wishlist the game.