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Fist of the Forgotten platformer hits Alpha

 fist of the forgotten precision platformer game hits alpha linux windows pc

Fist of the Forgotten precision platformer hits Alpha for Windows PC, but the game is coming to Linux. Thanks to the continuous efforts of developer Lone Wulf Studio. Working to make its way onto Steam.

Lone Wulf Studio LLC is eager to announce that an alpha demo of Fist of the Forgotten. Which is also available to be play test on the G.Round service. The game is available until July 12, 2022. Due to gather feedback from players to help improve it before it launches.
G.Round is a service for developers to have their games play tested by a wide audience. Along with various incentives for players to test games and provide feedback. Fist of the Forgotten can be accessed, but this is only the Windows PC build. But there is also a good chance that WINE will be able to run the alpha demo. Its free, you can try it for yourself.

Fist of the Forgotten Gameplay Trailer 2 (Linux, Windows PC)

In Fist of the Forgotten, you play as a young girl who grew up in a family of relic hunters. Artifacts passed down to her from her parents allow her to interact with ancient and forgotten technology. Such as portals to a forgotten civilization. Momentum is everything in Fist of the Forgotten, as you slide down slopes to gain speed and jump up ramps for extra height. After acquiring a giant, mechanical fist, you’re able to use punches for both combat and traversal. Boss battles unlock new fist abilities.

The Fist of the Forgotten‘s story contains no dialogue. So you are free to focus on the details to understand the depth of the story. Try to uncover alternate endings, or simply focus on flowing through the levels as quickly as possible and enjoy the gameplay.


  • Fluid movement and animation designed to look great on high refresh displays exceeding 100fps. As opposed to platformers locked at 30 or 60fps.
  • Highly optimized geometry and shaders for a unique Fist of the Forgotten visual style. One that runs well on high and lower end hardware.
  • Mechanics, such as crouch sliding, to build up momentum. Which you should be great for speed runners.
  • Intriguing setting and dialogue free story that lets players choose if they want to search out the world. Or just focus on playing with the mechanics.
  • Boss battles!
  • Collectables and secrets

Fist of the Forgotten provides combat capabilities as well as movement. Use it to reach further platforms and combine it with other momentum gaining abilities. Due to arrive on Steam for both Linux and Windows PC. The precision platformer alpha build is live, so you’re free to try via WINE.

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