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Flare Free action RPG hits version 1.01

flare free action rpg hits version 1.01 for linux mac windows games

Flare the Free 2D action RPG hits version 1.01 for Linux, Mac and Windows. Since the games not a re-implementation of an existing game or engine. But a tribute to and exploration of the action RPG genre. And the game is available (146.1 MB) Free for Linux.

Flare comes bundled with a game made by the Flare team, the Empyrean Campaign. So this Empyrean Campaign’s story begins with the player being exiled. Hence their homeland of Empyrean. Which also results in them embarking on a quest to regain entry.
Since this journey takes the player through many regions. While offering plenty of side quests along the way.

Flare uses simple file formats (INI style config files) for most of the game data. This also allows anyone to easily modify game contents. Open formats are easiest (png, ogg). The game code is C++. Originally the first game to be developed using this engine was part of a repository.

Flare: Empyrean Campaign trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Action RPG Game changes

  • Redesign final Fort Nasu puzzle. Since this in response to the frustrations of many players.
  • Increase elemental ring bonuses by 10%.
  • Tweak slingshot stone graphics. Also making it more visible on some maps.
  • Add appdata.xml for use with various package managers.

Since we have some distinct game changes. We also have quite a few engine features and fixes. This is available now in Version 1.01

Engine features

  • Add “Renderer” option to the Video section of the Configuration menu.
  • Support loading some hard-coded Configuration menu values from menus/config.txt.
  • Add WidgetSettings class for loading previously hard-coded properties of some Widgets.
  • Add support for changing the buyback price after the player leaves the map.
  • Add ability for certain classes to open a specific tab of the Powers menu automatically.
  • Add ‘respec’ Event component for resetting XP/stats/powers.
  • Add ‘no_aggro’ Power attribute.

Version 1.01 Engine fixes

  • Fix bug where if minions were blocking the player. Since they would move out of the way. Minions are now have to move out of the way. If the player is close enough.
  • Fix bug where removing a primary stat bonus would break passive powers that relied upon said bonus.
  • Fix crash on exit when using the sdl_hardware renderer on some systems.
  • Fix disappearing text caused be resizing the window in some cases.
  • Fix a regression in button and checkbox logic that prevented them from working with keyboard and controller input.
  • Fix rendering of tabs when individual tabs are too short or too long.
  • Adjust gamma slider range so that the default value is in the middle.
  • Clean up error messages that are displayed. Since the stash hasn’t been created.
  • Prevent the same key from getting bound to multiple actions.
  • Prevent editing joystick bindings when joystick is not in use.
  • Don’t try to send items to buyback when using SELL_WITHOUT_VENDOR.
  • Fix named Effects not showing up in Power menu tooltips.
  • Fix passive powers not respecting some power usage requirements.
  • Fix some events being activated when they shouldn’t. Since the player was inside of their location rect.
  • Fix Power attribute pre_power not working for AI creatures.
  • WidgetScrollBox now scrolls in 5% increments based on the size of its contents, as opposed to a hard-coded pixel amount.
  • Fix memory leaks in GameSlotPreview, LootManager, PowerManager, and ModManager.
  • Fix incorrect dimensions of SVG icon.

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