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Flashback 2 the last stand to hit Steam Deck

flashback 2 action-packed cyberpunk adventure game is coming to linux via steam deck with windows pc

Flashback 2 action-packed cyberpunk adventure game is coming to Linux via Steam Deck with Windows PC. Due to the joint efforts of both Microids Studio Lyon and Paul Cuisset. Due to make its way onto both Steam and GOG.

If you remember that epic space adventure Flashback from 1992. Maybe you don’t because it’s way before your time, but let’s just say it rocked the gaming world. Also in the top 100 all-time bests! Now, get ready for its sequel, Flashback 2. Due to launch on November 16th, 2023. But the developer is aiming at Linux via Steam Deck.

…work on Steam Deck so therefore be Linux compatible.

It’s now clear that Flashback 2 will solely cater to Proton users. Sadly, it appears that providing native support for Linux isn’t part of the future roadmap. Alarming as it may be, we should always remember that change is the only constant in development.

Let’s dive right into Flashback 2 an action-packed cyberpunk adventure in the 22nd century. Living in the United Worlds, a sprawling community spreading throughout the entire Solar System. But our peace is about to change with an invasion by these creepy beings known as the Morphs. Leading these nasty critters is General Lazarus.

In the middle of all this chaos, we have our hero Conrad B. Hart. He’s on a mission to find his friend Ian, and he’s armed with A.I.S.H.A., an advanced AI-powered weapon. Since this isn’t Conrad’s first rodeo, he’s stepping into a fresh and thrilling adventure. Due to face unexpected surprises and revelations will keep him sharp.

Now, stepping into Conrad’s shoes and embarking on this wild journey yourself. You’ll travel to places like New Tokyo, New Washington, and – brace yourself – an artificial jungle on Titan. An entire jungle, in space, on one of Saturn’s moons!

Flashback 2 | Jungle Trailer

This isn’t your regular walk in the park. The jungle is lush and full of life, but it also holds dangers and mysteries. So you’ll need to step through this foreign terrain and fight off Lazarus’s minions. Also finding the truth about this strange ecosystem, and maybe even finding a safe haven within its depths. Flashback 2 is the ultimate test of survival.

What’s unique about Flashback 2 is that it’s a feast for your eyes and ears. With a vibrant cyberpunk setting, a 3D setting, and an intricate platform experience. The game feelslike you’re actually in the 22nd century! Plus, the audio is gonna blow your mind. Raphaël Gesqua, the person who composed the soundtrack for the original Flashback, is back to lend his genius to Flashback 2.

Here’s the kicker: the creator of the original Flashback, Paul Cuisset, is the mastermind behind this sequel. He’s teamed up with Microids Lyon / Paris studios and has the help of Thierry Perreau. Due to make sure Flashback 2 stays true to the original but with a ton of fresh, exciting content.

In short, Flashback 2 is shaping up to be an action-packed cyberpunk adventure game. It’s going to redefine. Whether you’re a veteran of the original or just discovering this epic universe. So mark your calendar for November 16th and Wishlist on both Steam and GOG. Get ready to plunge headfirst into this cosmic journey onto Steam Deck via Proton with Windows PC.

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