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Flatwaters: The Curse of Echita affordable open world action

flatwaters the curse of echita affordable open world action on linux and windows

Flatwaters: The Curse of Echita is a singleplayer open world game available now for Linux and Windows. Which also includes both action and simulation gameplay. Available on Steam with a 10% discount, bringing the price down to $7.19 USD.

Since the whole premise behind Flatwaters: The Curse of Echita is straight forward. Since you have to conquer each island of the city “Echita”. And also loot all the treasures in it, naturally.

Play as the unstoppable captain of the red beard. Who has skill with the pistol but also extremely short-tempered. So he definitely wants to conquer the islands of Echita. He had too much coffee that day, he’s hyped and going for it. Taking on a small city composed of about ten islands. While he becomes aware of the available treasures.

Flatwaters: The Curse of Echita Gameplay Trailer (Linux, Windows)


  • Exciting naval fights.
  • Enemies and strange creatures who will do anything to kill you.
  • An arsenal of weapons for the ship to spread chaos.
  • Different skills for the Red Beard Captain.
  • Treasures scattered around the city.
  • Epic Orchestral Soundtrack.
  • Day and night cycle.
  • Steam Achievement.

Open World Action

So the whole style of gameplay has my interest. Such as the melee combat, it’s old school yet but the captain does seem rather tanky in the trailer. Yet it’s almost hilarious watching the ship battles. But I really like how you can repair at sea. Which also gives me hope.

That being said, as much as I dig the style of gameplay. There are, at the time of writing, no reviews on Steam.
While the price, includes a 10% discount until July 5th for Linux and Windows. This is the sort of game I’d play for some casual gaming. When you want to chill, maybe steam or creatve havoc on one of the games islands.

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