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Flick It from TottyGames on Android Market.


Flip & Grind over gaps,handrails,flatbars,stairsets,ledges & obstacles.. In 3D!
Flick It – The New 3D Skateboarding Game On The Market!
Flip and Grind over gaps, handrails, flatbars, stairsets, ledges and obstacles.. In 3D!


-Grinding Ledges
-Customize your set-up!
and Much More!

==How To Play==
Push – to push press the ‘push’ button (right).
Trick – to do a trick tap the ‘trick’ button (left) before obstacles or just if you feel like it!
Grind – to do a grind tap the ‘grind’ button (center) above or over a rail/handrail/grinding ledge.


Flick It is available on the Android Market.