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Flightpath a new story-driven shoot em up

flightpath a new story-driven shoot em up game is coming to linux and windows pc

Flightpath a new story-driven shoot em up game is coming to Linux and Windows PC. Due to the creative madness of developer Illogic Games. Which is gearing up to make its way onto Steam.

Illogic Games presents Flightpath, an anime story-driven shoot em up game. Who also has a demo to take part in the Steam Next Fest in October 2022. Select a character and make choices that impact their flight path. Including the the outcome of their story. Flightpath is due to release in January 2023. Plus we can also expect Linux support.

It’s probably going to come out at the same time as the Windows version. If not, maybe a week or two
afterwards. We’ve been running Linux builds and for the most part it runs flawlessly.

Thanks to the email from Illogic Games, the developer is eager for Linux support. Since they are already testing a Linux build. But with some Unity 3D games, there are graphical issues that may also need a fix. Which is the reason for any potential detail.

Flightpath – Official Trailer

In Flightpath, each character’s storyline has multiple paths. Which is a top-down shoot em up game, a bullet-hell shooter. Instead of predetermined, synchronized attacks, enemies spawn and attack patterns are procedurally generated. Due to keep the mayhem random and fun. The stages are also built procedurally to keep things fresh. So, whether it’s your second or thirty second run, gameplay will be a challenge.

Try it for yourself in the Free Steam Demo that runs well via Proton.

And it’s not just about shooting! In some stages you’ll have a specific task. Such as rescuing someone, blowing up the Syndicate’s stuff, or recovering important items from the Syndicate. You may also have to taking down a boss to damage the Syndicate’s plans.
In Flightpath you will fight your way through ten unique stages. Then figure out your path to victory.

Game Features:

  • Shape the course of the game – Your choices affect the story on many levels. (friends, enemies, fights and the end of the story).
  • Meet 3 characters with unique stories. Discover the different Flightpath storylines of Kath, A.J., and Max.
  • Customize your spaceship. Upgrade your weapons and much more
  • Procedural top-down shoot em up  – Maximum replayability of fights
  • Explore 10 unique worlds. From a junky yard to the asteroid belt passing by lava, jungle, desert…
  • Play again  – Choose another character, make other choices and enjoy great replayability with procedurally generated shoot’em up levels

Flightpath story-driven shoot em up game is due to release in January 2023 via Steam. Along with support for Linux and Windows PC. Be sure to check out the Free Demo on Steam.

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