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Flightpath shoot ’em up game out this week

flightpath story driven shoot em up game to release this week on linux and windows pc

Flightpath story driven shoot em up game to release this week on Linux and Windows PC. Which is the result of the work of developer Illogic Games. Due to make its way onto Steam this week.

Illogic Games Announces the Upcoming Release of Flightpath. Which is a story driven shoot em up game with multiple playable characters. There are also branching storylines and procedural stages. Due to take players on a thrilling journey through an immersive world.

In Flightpath, players will have the opportunity to choose one of three playable characters. Since each has their own unique story and background. They must battle their way through hordes of enemies, due to an organization called “The Syndicate”. All in order to free the galaxy from their evil influence.
After running into the Syndicate’s dirty business, each characters vow to take down the organization. While they find their leader, a secretive and shady figure that goes by “The Chairman”. And at the same time, bring him to justice.

Flightpath – Official Trailer

But the story doesn’t stop there. Along the way, players will have choices that will lead to branching storylines. Allowing for multiple playthroughs with various outcomes.

The game also features procedurally generated stages. This will change with each playthrough, providing a new type of gameplay each time. Flightpath offers a unique blend of fast-paced shoot-em-up gameplay. Along with a gripping story, providing players with a truly deep experience. Players can expect to encounter a wide variety of enemies. As well as boss battles that will test and put your skills to work.

Our goal is for Flightpath to be a casual, story-driven experience with action elements. Flightpath is about the player making choices. In certain stages, you will be presented with two possible paths to take. The choices you make change the sequence of events from that point forward and tell a different story.

You can also explore the Free Demo on Steam for Linux and Windows PC.

Flightpath story driven shoot em up game is due to release on January 26th. Coming to both Linux and Windows PC in English, Spanish, and Japanese. So be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam.

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