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Flotsam ocean city builder looking at support

flotsam ocean city builder looking at support for linux mac windows pc

Flotsam ocean based city builder looking at support for Linux and Mac beside Windows PC. Thanks to award winning Belgian indie game developer Pajama Llama. The game is now live on Humble Store, GOG, Steam Early Access and

Flotsam is a floating city builder with a strong emphasis on recycling. Releasing now in Early Access on Windows PC. But we have details regarding Linux and Mac.

This release follows a very successful presence at gamescom 2019. Due to Flotsam being awarded the “Best Unity Game”. Along with a long phase of Alpha testing. The studio is now proud to finally share their game with the public.
Flotsam swam its way into development originally four years ago. Since the studio was founded in 2015. Naturally, I had to reach out for details on support. Here’s what Pajama Llama had to say.

Linux Support:

We’re looking at both Mac and Linux. But to not set a huge strain on Flotsam development in Early Access. Our priority right now was the Windows release.
There’s a few people in the discord that tried it using Proton on Linux though and had some success.
Hopefully I can provide more info soon!

The fact that Unity 3D is being used is encouraging. So even though we do not have a Linux release date. The games definitely playable via Steam Play. Having had a chance to test the city builder myself. And it works.

Flotsam – Introduction Trailer

The cheerful but post-apocalyptic universe of Flotsam is in line with current events. Since it puts the focus on survival in a world taken over by oceans. The player will have to get creative. Creating a floating village by recycling the trash found in the sea. All while keeping the village inhabitants healthy. Which means you also have to collect rainwater and fish.

But hunger and thirst are not the only dangers of the vast ocean. As a player you will have steer your towns. And likewise, explore the dynamic environments around them. Crossing the oceans will have them face dangerous creatures from beyond the deep. Visitors with unknown intentions and mysterious ruins and wreckages.

The game is set to stay in Early Access for a year. With the full release being on the horizon no sooner than 2020. Pajama Llama plans to build Flotsam as a completely replayable experience. Along with an ever-changing world. There will also be new biomes to travel to and more varied landmarks. Always keeping player feedback in mind. The plan is to enrich this world with more ways of interacting with the different landmarks and their inhabitants. With multiple options of salvaging, scouting and traveling the world and ways of using resources.

Flotsam available on Humble Store, GOG, Steam Early Access and Priced at $24.99 / €22.99 / £19.99. Plus a 10% discount until October 3rd of that.

You can find out more about Flotsam and Pajama Llama on their official website. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook or Discord for the latest news.

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