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Fogtown mystery takes to crowdfunding

fogtown tongue in cheek mystery game takes to crowdfunding for linux mac windows pc

Fogtown tongue in cheek mystery game takes to crowdfunding for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Due to the work and effort of developer Fogtown Games. The campaign is now live on Seed&Spark.

Fogtown is an interactive game seeking crowdfunding on Seed&Spark. Also the debut episode of this original tongue in cheek homage. Following Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s great detective. Which is just the start of a planned season of rip roaring adventures. One due to be full of mystery, humor, and heart. All taking place in a felt and cardboard world full of eclectic square headed puppets.

Now launching a $49,000 USD crowdfunding campaign to finance the production of a Fogtown. The campaign will run for a full month on Seed&Spark. A popular film and storytelling fundraising platform. Which also has an 80% success rate in supporting creative projects.

Fogtown Crowdfunding Trailer

Fogtown stars the brilliant but easily distracted Sherblock. One who’s genius rivaled only by his short attention span and zeal for exciting new challenges. So not just any old case is good enough for Sherblock: only the zaniest. Also, the most unlikely crimes are worthy of his matchless intellect. Along for the ride is his faithful friend Blockson. With support (of a kind) from the misunderstood Chief Inspector LeFraude (Rizwan Manji, Schitt’s Creek, Peacemaker). The secretly thrill seeking landlady Mrs. Hud (Tricia Brioux, voice of the titular character in Robert Eggers’ The Witch). As well as and many others performed by an famed cast of actors. With credits in TV, film and games.

Fogtown game is a further boost for crowdfunding backers. Due to be releasing in late 2023 to the general public on Steam. Arriving on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Due to be a short but highly replayable choice-driven interactive companion tale. Which is being developed with its own wacky standalone mystery to solve. Players decide which branching paths to take. Featuring special guest stars Dean Erickson (Gabriel Knight: The Beast Within). Also Lenval Brown (narrator of Disco Elysium). Paul Morgan Stetler (Phantasmagoria: A Puzzle of Flesh). And Rupert Booth (Contradiction, The Shapeshifting Detective).

So check out the Fogtown mystery which is crowdfunding Seed&Spark.

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