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A Fold Apart a unique puzzle game and support

a fold apart a unique puzzle game and linux support

A Fold Apart a 3D puzzle game that is coming to Windows, yet we have news for Linux support. A game about the emotional struggle of a long distance relationship set in a world of folding paper.

So this weekend, Lightning Rod Games had the pleasure of showing off a new gameplay trailer. Highlighting their upcoming title A Fold Apart, with a reveal during the Kinda Funny Showcase.

This is an upcoming puzzle-driven narrative adventure. One that takes inspiration from the real-life story of designer Mark Laframboise. And also the relationships we have with those we care about, separated by long distances. Exploring the complexity of (mis)communication and reunite two people greatly in love. But doing so through the mechanics of folding paper.

Linux Support:

“We don’t have any announcements regarding a Linux build at the moment. But our goal is to get the game out onto as many platforms as we can by the end of the next year.
The game is being developed in Unity.”

So this is some solid news. Lightning Rod Games plan to release the singleplayer experience on Windows first. But I have hopes the Linux port will be available as well. The teams seems eager to share the the uniquely creative style of gameplay. And Unity 3D sould also allow A Fold Apart to be played via Steam Play.

A Fold Apart unique puzzle game Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

There is an obvious origami and papercraft influence. Since this involves an award-winning game mechanic in A Fold Apart. A completely new system, allowing you to fold and manipulate a paper world to navigate a long distance relationship.
The game is also based on a true story. Where players also choose any gender combination for their character couple. Eexploring over 50 unique puzzles and a heartfelt emotional narrative.

The gameplay itself unfurls a tale of an Architect and a Teacher forced apart by their careers. Including the difficulties they encounter while separated. By puzzling through their beautiful paper worlds, we experience the first-hand emotional challenges of living apart.
Since A Fold Apart shares an incredibly relocatable narrative. And shows us that in a world built of paper, there are definitely two sides to every story.

Since A Fold Apart is expecting release in the unique puzzle title in spring of 2019 on Windows and Nintendo Switch. Linux is certainly a contender as well. The game already has a store page on both Steam and Humble Store. Also, no word on price just yet.

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