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Folklands Demo lets you start building

folklands settlement builder game has a demo available for both linux and windows pc

Folklands settlement builder game has a Demo available for both Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to the creative minds behind developer Bromantic Games. Available to play and Wishlist on Steam now.

In Folklands, you get to create and manage a peaceful village on Linux. The goal is to make a thriving community where your villagers, called ‘folks’, are happy, have jobs, and are safe. Similar to being the leader of a small town, where you decide how to gather resources, grow food, and build homes. Due to be playable in single-player, online PvP, LAN PvP, and cross-platform multiplayer.

The Demo version you can try has a lot of the features you’ll find in the full version, but not everything. The developers are still adding more details to make Folklands even better. Since they’re focusing on making the title a bit challenging but still something you can relax with.

If you’re curious about how the whole thing works, there’s an official website that explains more about how you can progress. It’s pretty detailed and helps you understand the steps you need to take to build your village.

One of the key parts of Folklands is trading and how your village grows. Trading is important since, you can’t mine or make your own tools. So, the developers added a way for you to trade with neighboring kingdoms. This lets you get the tools you need to keep improving your village, even in the demo version. It’s also a sneak peek at how you’ll interact with other places in the full release.

Folklands updated demo gameplay

Another big change is how new folks come to your village. Earlier, new villagers would just appear whenever you built a new house. That was similar to other games that inspired Folklands, but it didn’t quite fit right here. So, the developers changed it. Now, new folks will come to your village regularly if the people already living there are happy and if there are enough empty houses. But watch out—if your villagers are unhappy because they don’t have enough food or water, they might start leaving.

There are also improvements to make playing Folklands easier and more enjoyable. For example, many buildings in the game provide certain services, like tax collection or fire fighting. An update will make it more clear to see which areas these buildings cover. This helps you plan better, as to where to put them.

Another update is about building roads and buildings. When you’re laying down roads or putting up buildings, you’ll now see markers. These markers show you where the entrances are and if they’re connected to your road network. They also show you the outline of each building, so you know why you can’t just put a road through someone’s backyard.

All these Folklands updates are coming to soon for the settlement builder, and they’re part of the journey towards the full, more complete version of Folklands. Due to be released later. It’s exciting to see how this village-building adventure is shaping up. And it’s something you can dive into and enjoy as it grows and improves. Available on Steam for Linux and Windows PC.

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