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Foolish Mortals is due to haunt Linux

foolish mortals haunting point and click is due to get linux support after windows pc

Foolish Mortals haunting point and click game is due to get Linux support after Windows PC. Which is the work of developer Inklingwood Studios. With plans to make its way onto a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign soon.

Obsessed with finding the lost treasure of Bellemore Manor, Murphy McCallan encounters ghosts. Along with voodoo and an evil phantom who wants the treasure as their own. Unique characters and exciting puzzles are on the mysterious island of Devil’s Rock. Doing so in this classic style haunting point and click adventure.

Thanks to a recent email from Inklingwood Studios, it seems Linux is in the plan.

The engine we’re using is Visionaire Studio, which supports Linux. So unless we hit a major complication with something, we definitely plan to do a Linux version once the PC version is released.

Since it does not look like Foolish Mortals will receive a day one release. Visionaire Studio does offer support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Either way, at least we have native support confirmation. Despite the lack platform details on the Steam page.

Foolish Mortals is a classic style point and click adventure game. One that is inspired by games like Monkey Island and Broken Sword. You’ll take the role of young treasure hunter Murphy McCallan. Doing so as he explores the mysterious island of Devil’s Rock in search of the lost treasure of Bellemore Manor. Where decades ago an entire wedding suddenly disappears.

Foolish Mortals – Point & Click Adventure Game Trailer

In that search, you’ll be following cryptic clues. While solving complex puzzles across the island. Right from the creaking port town of Deadnettle and the empty riverboat turned voodoo den The Spirit Queen. All the way to a centuries old French Caribbean fortress and the grim St. Juniper Parish cemetery. Including many, many more across more than 70 playable scenes. Since Foolish Mortals is due to offer dozens more documents and paintings.

As Murphy, you’ll be collecting the ingredients on an old voodoo manuscript. Also firing the cannons of an old French fort. Even sneaking into a club for sea captains and getting buried alive. As well as climbing down a wishing well. Including lots more as you race an evil phantom to the Bellemore treasure. Discover the haunting secret that connects it to the missing wedding.

Ron Gilbert once said Monkey Island was to be like riding the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland. But being able to “step off the boat” and explore. Foolish Mortals started by wondering what it would be like to step out of your Doombuggy on Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion.

Inklingwood Studios are filling Foolish Mortals with an amazing setting with hand-drawn backgrounds. Including high quality animation and a fully-voiced cast of odd characters. Incredibly adventurous story with classic inventory-based adventure game puzzles.

The developers have been working on this game for over two years now. With a full game playable from start to finish. Now seeking help on the final stretch. With the Kickstarter this makes it possible to finish off the final third of animation. That needed to get the game fully voiced. Then do all the optimization and testing to have an awesome game. But if the campaign beats the funding goal and starts unlocking Kickstarter stretch goals. Then the dev’s can make Foolish Mortals even better still.


  • Classic adventure game puzzles. With well-crafted to ensure no dead-ends or deaths
  • Over 100 items to pick up and use in Foolish Mortals
  • A full-length experience, with a gameplay time equal to Monkey Island and Broken Sword
  • Over 70 gorgeous hand-drawn locations at full HD resolution. Plus dozens more full-screen paintings, documents, and other details to search out
  • High quality animation from a professional animation studio
  • More than 30 fully voiced characters to interact with
  • Two hours of original music. Also the chance of an interactive song puzzle as a stretch goal!
  • Easy to use two-button interface with double-click exits. Optional hotspot highlighting and a built-in hint system

Foolish Mortals haunting point and click game is due to haunt Linux and Windows PC. Working to make its way to a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign on October 3rd. Along with a Demo coming on the same day.