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Football Manager 2014 release date confirmed

Sega has announced Football Manager 2014 will be released on October 31 for PC, Mac and Linux.

Announced in mid-August, this year’s game is being billed as “the most feature-packed and technically advanced release in the series’ history”. The new instalment will benefit from more than 1,000 improvements and enhancements over its predecessor, according to Sports Interactive, including the addition of cloud saves so that players can continue their single career from any computer.

Alongside the release date announcement, Sega has also released detailed information and published a video blog highlighting the new technological advancements and features introduced in the latest entry of the management sim.

ZiZo: Our new ‘zoom in/zoom out’ feature allows you to set up your interface, your way. The system works in conjunction with our adapative layout to allow anyone with a high resolution screen to have the game display the information that they want, with the text size and graphic size that they want. When used alongside Steam’s ‘Big Picture’ mode makes it practical to play FM on a TV screen.

YouTube highlights package: An improved YouTube export feature, which now allows fans to upload custom highlights packages showing goals from multiple camera angles.

Retina support: Mac full screen mode support

Linux Compatibillity: The addition of Linux to the roster of platforms means that users running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS or higher on a device equipped with keyboard and mouse (and running Steam) will be able to play Football Manager for the first time.

Cloud Saving: The integration of Steam’s ‘cloud save’ functionality means that managers will now be able to continue a single career across a variety of computers, as long as they are logged into their Steam account. What’s more, the cross-compatibility between the Windows PC, Mac and Linux versions means that a single career can be continued across any and all of these platforms.

Steam Workshop: The integration of Steam Workshop into FM 2014 will allow fans to easily create content and share it with their fellow managers. Fans will be able to create unique game skins and graphics, customise and share bespoke databases (including additional leagues and nations) and create customised competitions. In addition, Classic Mode will feature a Challenge Editor which will allow fans to create and share unique gameplay scenarios.

Cross-save with PS Vita: Football Manager Classic players will not only be able to continue a single career across the three computer platforms, they will also be able to continue that same career while mobile on their PS Vita (the PS Vita version of FM 2014 is also required). The PS Vita game will also be the first handheld version of Football Manager to feature the 3D match engine.


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