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Forager exploration and base building launches

forager exploration and base building launches in linux windows pc games

Forager exploration and base building launches on Linux and Windows. Thanks to the development efforts of HopFrog. The games review score on Steam is a solid 100% Positive. Which is off to a good start. Available on GOG and Humble Store too.

Forager is about crafting, exploration and base building. The games really “the idle game that you want to actively keep playing”. Since this is a unique mix between old school 2D Zelda. And the experiences and modern Minecraft. Or even Terraria, also a great crafting game.
While gameplay places players into a small piece of land. Since you only start with a pickaxe. Plus a desire for expansion and exploration.
Players can also buy procedurally generated lands. While uncovering secrets in Forager. Solving puzzles and finding dungeons. Searching for treasure and forgotten relics. While expanding your ever sprawling bases.
The games nearly impossible to stop playing. There is always something to manage or work towards.

Forager Launch Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Forager will feature 10+ hours of gameplay, with several new features:

  • New lands and biomes! After popular demand. Each bought land can feature different biomes. Also various resources, enemies and secrets!
  • 16+ new skills to learn and master in Forager. All in a free form upgrade system. Which allows players to customize their experience as they see fit. This also brings the number up to 64 total skills to learn. Each unlocking new items, structures or gameplay modifiers!
  • Dozens of new buildings to create. So you can decorate your base.
  • Farming mechanics. Which also includes caring for animals. While you harvest all sorts of crops and herbs.
  • NPC interaction. Find quirky companions to trade or talk with. While you try to convince them to join your party. And azlso raid dungeons together!

Forager is available now on Steam, GOG and Humble Store. The games also priced $19.99 USD. While releasing on Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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