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Eternal Arenas roguelike with deckbuilding now available on Kickstarter


Forced: Eternal Arenas is a roguelike now on Kickstarter for Linux, Mac and Windows PC, combining #hardcore #action skills with the ability to build decks that suit the players style. Where players take on the role of a champion and certain challenge, battling through #arenas to eventually take down bosses.

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While controlling a gladiator, players face a wide range of bosses in battles across vastly different worlds. Build a deck of cards and use them to upgrade your stats and abilities, slaughter through enemies. The bosses use their own cards and unique abilities as players progress through the arenas, culminating in great showdowns.


  • Tight action controls, like a top-down arcade game, but in 3D – Yeah!
  • It’s a Rogue-like! If you die, you’re out, and every match is randomly generated!
  • Rogue-like Campaign you say!? Hell Yeah! Generate a unique campaign every time.
  • Build a deck of swords, guns and fireballs for your Champion, whenever you’ve completed a challenge you get to pick a card, and cards are nice!
  • Earn and acquire new cards and champions as you become a legend!
  • Lastly, the Arenas are ever-changing, filled with nasty traps, exciting environments and violent creatures – it will forever challenge you!

Players are rewarded with various companions including a vigilant mini-dragon and a not-so-intelligent T-Rex. Companions take care of themselves as they aid their players in battle. Some are more demanding than others, such as Denver the T-Rex who may unintentionally harm the player if they do not stay out of the way.


The deck building in Eternal Arenas means players have an unbelievable amount of different builds for each character. Cards can be used for a wide range of things, including boosting abilities, summoning allied minions and changing the arena rules. Want to build a reliable tank or a reckless glass cannon? Make a whirlwind attack shoot fireballs in all directions or summon an army of drooling minions? Combine cards to make ranged attack split in multiple lines, give it infinite range, loop it around the world for another pass and make enemies explode for AoE on impact. Completing quests will level up and unlock new quests with great rewards.

The way it looks right now, the initial release highlights Windows PC, but we reached to BetaDwarf and received the following, “the goal is a PC, Mac and Linux Ubuntu release, but not consoles to start with.”

For now, check out the Kickstarter for Eternal Arenas, the gameplay looks epic and would play rather well on Linux.


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