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Forced Showdown roguelike has a Linux build in progress


The roguelike with #deckbuilding, Forced Showdown arenas combines hardcore action skills with the ability to build decks that suit the players playstyle, both the champion and the #challenge. Battling through arenas to eventually take down bosses.

BetaDwarf’s is expected to #release Forced Showdown for Windows PC on March 29 through Steam. Plus some BIG plans for the week prior to launch, starting March 23.

We caught up with the development team at BetaDwarf to clarify a Linux release, in hopes of seeing a native build at launch.

“So we are definitely aiming at Linux but primarily the version supported by steam machines. This time we’ve found a partner that helps us. However we’re aren’t sure if it will be working at the time of release, but our partner will be putting in the effort.”

Needless to say, the intent is there but that will depend on the “partner” and the level of development. Forced Showdown is now in Beta, as the team ready for the official release.

This is an impressive turn-around time since the Forced Showdown Kickstarter closed out just four months ago. With an expected release date of June 2016, so development are ahead of schedule.

For more details and to keep up with the progress, follow on Twitter and of course the full list of available changes are available on Steam.