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Forged of Blood RPG has a new Sandbox mode

forged of blood rpg has a new sandbox mode windows pc linux

Forged of Blood tactical RPG now has a Sandbox Conquest Mode for Windows PC, but playable on Linux. Thanks to developer Critical Forge. The game is available now on Steam.

So over two years ago, we released news about Forged of Blood. Due to excitement regarding a Linux release. Now the turn based action RPG is live on Steam. Not in Early Access, although receiving patches. And only available for Windows PC.
But the games playable on Linux via Proton and it does work. While gameplay fits somewhere between Divinity Original Sin 2 and Neverwinter Nights. Built in Unreal Engine 4, which explains why it runs via Steam Play. With Linux support looming in the distance.

Linux support not until after launch. Where we’ll try to do a port. But at the moment our priority will be in getting the base game polished first.

Forged of Blood is a turn-based tactical RPG. With an epic 30-40 hour story. Beating convention with fresh gameplay mechanics. While trying to mix up the genre. This includes a freeform character development system. Instead of traditional classes, coupled with a huge range of abilities.
Similarly, Forged of Blood has a unique Spellcrafting system. Offering players the chance to create millions of spells. While its Tri-Axis Personality Index adds nuanced personality development. That isn’t the generic binary of good vs evil.

Forged of Blood | Official Trailer

Likewise, Critical Forge just released a patch. This includes the much requested Sandbox mode.
In contrast to the three weeks following the Forged of Blood launch. The team is diligently working to address all the player feedback. And also staying true to what makes gameplay a treat for hardcore RPG players. The addition of the sandbox mode allows players to explore the large continent of Attiras. Without pressure from the game’s challenging narrative arcs in the main campaign.

Also, in keeping with the team’s philosophy of empowering players. The Forged of Blood options includes a new slider.
Likewise, this allows players to adjust the hotly debated Philosophical Distance Threshold. Which has also been implemented. Along with a series of bug fixes. Which you can see in the Steam patch notes. Which still feels like an Early Access game. But developer Critical Forge are on top of game changes.

Forged of Blood is a solid turn based RPG game. Available on Windows PC. Priced at a reasonable $29.99 USD. With Linux support looming in the distance.

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