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Forgotten Mines tactical RPG due to conquer

forgotten mines a gripping new tactical rpg game for coming to linux with mac and windows pc

Forgotten Mines a gripping new tactical RPG game for coming to Linux with Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to Cannibal Goose for their relentless hard work. Due to make its way onto Steam in 2024.

Let’s dive deep into what the brilliant minds of Brazilian studio Cannibal Goose and Ishtar Games. Forgotten Mines is something that’s been getting the attention of the gaming community.

Forgotten Mines will be released next year and will also be released for Linux.

Having just received an email response from Cannibal Goose. A solo developer specializing in crafting turn-based games that blend RPG elements with tactical and roguelike features. They’re using Godot for development, which is positive news for Linux gamers.

First off, Forgotten Mines drops players into ancient mines, long abandoned and now infested with dark creatures. Such as goblins, orcs, skeletons, and much more. These mines were once the pride and glory of the dwarves, but now? They’re a haunting reminder of what was lost.

Forgotten Mines – Announcement Trailer

But here’s where it gets interesting: this is not just about hacking and slashing your way through. You have to plan. It’s like stepping onto a chessboard where every move counts. Rooms change and adapt every time you enter, making you strategize each step. You’ve got a set number of turns to make the most out of every situation. It’s unpredictable, but that’s what makes it so gripping.

The flexibility here? There are a ton of classes to pick from, and you also have solid gear. In Forgotten Mines, you can truly make a character that fits your style. And let me tell you, when you stumble upon some of that rare or legendary items, it feels like you’ve struck gold, literally and figuratively. Combining these can open up some incredible moves and tactics to take on the bigger enemies.

Now, for those who appreciate the classics: the visuals. They’ve got this nostalgic feel, reminding me of the days when I first got into gaming. Forgotten Mines tactical RPG is a trip down memory lane but with a fresh twist that keeps you hooked.

But, just a heads-up, you’ll need a bit of patience. Forgotten Mines isn’t out just yet. However, if you’re already intrigued, you might want to keep an eye on Steam and make sure this title is on your Wishlist.

In a nutshell, Forgotten Mines is a thrilling blend of tactics and unpredictability. Every step is a test of your strategy and wit, and for those who revel in the thrill of the challenge. May the odds be ever in your favour in those mines. And its all due to make its way onto Linux with Mac and Windows PC.

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