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Formula 2707 combat driving to hit Linux

formula 2707 combat driving simulator game coming to linux and mac with windows pc

Formula 2707 combat driving simulator game coming to Linux and Mac with Windows PC. Which due to the work and commitment of developer Luca Ricciardi Serafino de Conciliis. Working to find its way onto Steam.

Formula 2707 – All Stars Kombat is a combat driving simulator game inspired by the great hits of the 2000s. It recreates the classic arcade game action while offering fun without speed limits. Developed by Luca Ricciardi Serafino de Conciliis and is now available to Wishlist. Reaching out to the developer via email, Linux support is coming.

…but will definitely be available for Linux, and Mac OS. It’s already working for those platforms since it was developed with Unity 2021 LTS.

Like many games on Steam, Unity 3D is a driving force for Linux. So it’s a pleasure to see that native platform support Formula 2707 is already in the mix. No mention of Steam Deck yet. But support is coming,”after thorough testing the other platform versions, will it be released.”

Since the gameplay has all the features of a karting game. While the driving style is leaning towards more sim type games. Along with split screen multiplayer mode for those who also miss long couch nights with friends.

Formula 2707: All Stars Kombat Trailer

In the game, you can also unlock and play with the 12 All Stars Champions. There is one for every taste. While you face the most diverse biomes by exploring the different planets of the various heros of the game. Going from deep space to snowy glaciers, to warm earthly beaches.
As a result, you can even customize your races to your liking. Change the Number of Bots, Difficulty, Number of laps, Number of races, PowerUps or not.


  • Variable graphics quality to support multiple devices
  • Amazing Formula 2707 split screen multiplayer for up to 4 players
  • 12 unlockable characters
  • 9 unlockable tracks
  • 9 unlockable cars
  • 11 PowerUps
  • TimeMode : Make history by adding your name to the friends and global leaderboards

Formula 2707 – All Stars Kombat combat driving simulator game will release in Q1 2023. Along with support for Linux and Mac with Windows PC. So be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam.