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Fort Triumph releases a sale plus a major update

fort triumph releases major update and sale with a discount in linux gaming mac and windows pc

Fort Triumph releases a sale plus a major update in Linux gaming, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer CookieByte Entertainment. Which is available now on Steam.

So as of now, the Fort Triumph challenging tactics game is on sale. And thanks to CookieByte Entertainment the game is due to get a major update.

This major update for Fort Triumph will add quite a bit. Such as new locations, events, traits, and unique battle types. For example, battles where only objects can be used. As well as introducing features that make battles between heroes more balanced. Such as player vs. AI. While reducing the advantage of the starting player.
In addition, the player will now not always be the first to move in higher difficulty battles. Another change in this major update introduces the possibility to add and remove traits. Heroes will be able to have up to three different ones in use. And also specific actions will appear as possible options. Depending on which traits your hero has.


  • Added 27 new locations/events in the Fort Triumph worldmap, with new features:
  • It is now possible to add/remove traits from heroes via these encounters.
  • Some of these encounters supply unique battles. Such as Physics only battles, meaning only objects can be used (for both player and AI).
  • Some of the options available for players are locked. All based on whether any of the people in the party have a required trait. So if you are using Elastic, you can have your hero train without suffering health loss from straining your back. But if you are Coldhearted, instead of saving someone from a horde of undead. You can wait till they’re done with him and pillage his body. If you are Possessed, you can visit a Haunted house with no ramifications.
  • Added 29 new traits for Fort Triumph heroes. Also adjusted their rarities and introduced a scale for how positive or negative it is.
  • Heroes can now have up to 3 traits.

Fort Triumph | Official Release Trailer


  • When fighting other factions in Fort Triumph. The side that does not play first starts with Overwatch/Brace for all its units.
  • When playing on Classic/Legendary, the faction that starts first is the faction that initiated the fight, instead of being always the player.


  • Some performance improvement in tactical mode, especially when using ‘End turn + Overwatch/brace all’.
  • Somewhat improved AI performance (especially for inactive enemies).

For a full list of Fort Triumph changes in this major update. Which releases a major update and sale. Check out the Change Log on Steam. This is only a fraction of what the new update includes. There are a ton of bug fixes. Also, include changes for both UI and AI changes too. It’s huge.

Fort Triumph releases a sale with a 35% discount on Steam until October 26th. Dropping the price down to $16.24 USD. With support in Linux gaming, Mac and Windows PC.

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