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Fort Triumph tactical RPG coming this week

fort triumph turn based tactical rpg coming to linux mac windows games

Fort Triumph turn-based tactical RPG is coming to Linux, Mac and Windows. Cookie Byte Entertainment will release on Steam Early Access on April 26th. Which will also be fully cross-platform. While “aiming for 10-12 months” in Early Access before the full release.

Cookie Byte Entertainment are proud to announce their new cinematic trailer for Fort Triumph.

Fort Triumph Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Become a Paladin, Arcanist, Ranger or Savage. Steel yourself for the challenges of Fort Triumph. Are you prepared?

Fort Triumph Features:

  • Hardcore tactical turn-based gameplay
  • Fully Interactive environments at your disposal
  • Heroes evolving by learning new abilities from their class skill tree
  • Non-linear missions and quests
  • Strategic gameplay and world map exploration

Tactical Turn-based RPG Gaming:

  • Hardcore tactical turn-based gameplay – You lead a chosen party of heroes. Since each hero has a different set of abilities and a unique playstyle. Your party of heroes will also face challenges and win missions. Doing so by completing diverse objectives in tiled procedural maps. Many will fall, but others will rise to take their place!
  • Fully Interactive environments at your disposal – push, topple, grapple, burn, freeze and crash. While making your way through interactive levels. All playing into your tactics.
  • Heroes evolving by learning new abilities from their class skill tree. As they gain experience, your heroes learn new skills and abilities. While making them more versatile in combat. Since each hero is unique, the right combination of heroes is crucial. So your party build will lead to victory. So you will need to balance your heroes’ strengths and weaknesses. Doing your best to bring out their full potential.
  • Contextually generated encounters and quests – Fort Triumph features flexible campaigns. Also including changing locations, events and quests influenced by a player’s choices. Tactical Missions are procedurally generated. So this will ensure each battle is unique, calling for a new plan.
  • Strategic gameplay and world map exploration – Fort Triumph is set in an original fantasy world. While magical forces are warping and changing it. Also, these forces threaten to consume it. Between one battle and the next, you will have to explore. While discovering the world to learn its secrets.

What is coming in the Early Access release?

Fort Triumph releases on April 26th for Linux, Mac and Windows. The tactical RPG will also feature the first part of the first single player campaign. So that means several hours of content and a few story missions. Which is a basic strategic layer allowing for exploration and mission introduction. Coming with an initial selection of hero abilities and enemy types.

About the developers:

Fort Triumph is the creation of Cookie Byte Entertainment. They have been working on the game for almost three years. Starting from humble beginnings as a group of three friends working together from home.

Over time they grew to become a small team of programmers, artists and writers. While working from an office located in the heart of Tel Aviv.

Fort Triumph was featured in GDC on March 2016. And also PAX West on September 2016 and 2017, all through the Indie MegaBooth.

On April 2017 following a successful Greenlight run. We saw the successful Kickstarter campaign with over 1400 backers and raising $78,500 raised.

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