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FortressCraft Evolved sandbox expected to make a debut on Linux and Mac soon


The original #FortressCraft was released on the Xbox 360 in 2011 and became one of the #bestselling Xbox downloadable #games of all time. The newest version – FortressCraft Evolved – has been recreated from the ground up in Unity to produce a new, more powerful experience in creative world building. The developers at ProjectorGames are busy building excitement among the community who are creatively sharing their constructions with wild enthusiasm thanks to the Steam Early Access program, including both Linux and Mac builds.

FortressCraft Evolved includes a host of new features and functionality, which will provide players with the flexibility, variety and detail to realize their wildest worlds. The creative tools will enable users to design and implement magnificent creations, in a quick and intuitive fashion in the Creative Mode. In Survival Mode players are tasked to build an efficient and elaborate mining operation to create a life sustaining environment while fending off an encroaching alien enemy force.


  • Participate in the Steam Early Access program, communicate with the developers and help to craft the final outcome
  • Create the largest voxel based worlds ever seen in any computer game EVER
  • Huge draw distance
  • Controllable weather events with a Full Seasonal Weather System
  • “Build to Me” Feature
  • Animated detail blocks
  • Super Build Tools such as the Copy & Past Functionality and scalabe Sphere, Cube and Cylyndar shapes
  • Create Sharable Detail Blocks in the in-game workshop

How easy is it to setup and build with FortressCraft Evolved?

Creating detail blocks is a large portion of what FortressCraft is all about, but where do you get started? You can craft many things with the 150 or so blocks that are in the game, but if you want to get greater detail, the first thing to do is build a workshop. Within workshops you can create new blocks, set their size ratio, tag them for easy lookup and store them to hotbars for later use. Lets build a workshop!

To create your workshop, you must first select the “workshop Placement” block, either by filtering for it and assigning it to a hotkey or by using your middle mouse wheel to scroll to it. Place the first block down, then place the second block diagonally from it. The workshop block can be 1 to 7 blocks away, the largest being an 8×8 workshop. These workshop blocks must be on the same plane and you can create unlimited workshops.

FortressCraft Evolved is now 50% off  on Steam until October 6th ($4.49 USD), with native builds in tow. As a temporary workaround, WINE can be use as it is a Unity release.

FortressCraft Evolved sandbox game 50 percent off sale until October 6th


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