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Fossil Echo action adventure platformer now on Linux and Mac

fossil echo action adventure platformer new in linux gaming news

In gaming news, Fossil Echo is a 2D #adventure #platformer game is now #available on Steam for Linux and Mac. While gameplay pits the player in the roll of a boy and his journey to climb an immense tower. Since he will get to meet a varied cast of character and visit many different environments.

Even more interesting is how developer Awaceb, make a formal apology with the announcement:

“We are sorry the port took a little bit longer than expected, we thank you for your patience and we’re happy Mac & Linux users finally get a chance to play the game 🙂

Everything should work fine, but please let us know if you have any issues running the game on Mac or Linux so we can troubleshoot as soon as possible.

Thanks again for your patience, and stay tuned for the upcoming console release! :-)”

So the real gaming news here is that gameplay itself is a mix of platforming and stealth. Hence the main character is weak and vulnerable, forcing the player to use skill and timing to avoid combat whenever possible. Yet well worth the adventure, creating nice mix to the challenge for an adventure platformer.

Fossil Echo release Trailer:


  • Varied pre-rendered environments.
  • Hand drawn 2D animations.
  • Dynamic platforming gameplay.
  • Wall-jumping !
  • Stealth elements.
  • A story told without words
  • Fully animated cutscenes.

Fossil Echo development has been the project of two people in Bordeaux, FRANCE. Phil CRIFO is responsible for story, art and design of the game. While Thierry BOURA handles the programming and all of the technical aspects. John Robert MATZ composes the music and Gordon McGLADDERY handles the sound design (from the US and Canada).

So developer Awaceb would really appreciate it if you left a positive Steam review to show support for our effort in porting the game to Linux.

Fossil Echo is available on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. While there is no discount for the

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