FOX n FORESTS has a new gameplay video

FOX n FORESTS action rpg has a new gameplay video for linux mac windows games

FOX n FORESTS, the retro 2D action platformer has a new gameplay video. Since Bonus Level Entertainment and EuroVideo and have a new video showcasing the mechanics. The games launch is coming this Spring 2018 for Linux, Mac and Windows.

So Rick the Fox bravely wields his Magic Melee Crossbow to attack enemies. Also using season changes on the fly to his advantage. Such as making new platforms from falling leaves in autumn. Defeating epic enemies, discovering hidden bonus levels and finding powerful potions. Also other valuable loot, solve brain-teasing puzzles and unveil the mysteries of the fifth season.

FOX n FORESTS will take all the best and beloved elements of the 16-bit era and combines them with modern game design, a chiptunes soundtrack and a nostalgic look and feel.

A new gameplay video of level 1:2 “Gorgeous Gorge” is now available. Inspired by 90’s classics such as ActRaiser 2 or Castle of Illusions, it comes with a wonderfully melodic soundtrack.

FOX n FORESTS – Gameplay 2018 video (Linux, Mac, Windows)

The gameplay video arrives together with an industry insight into the level design of FOX n FORESTS. Since this is available via a new update on Kickstarter. The game was successfully funded in August 2016, raising more than $130,000 USD / €107,000.

Level Design Feature

“Level design is one of the most important tasks in game development,” says Rupert Ochsner, game director at Bonus Level Entertainment. “All elements need to come together in an entertaining way and it can make or break the game.”

The first title from EuroVideo’s new games label Wild River and will make its North American debut at PAX East in Booth 10054.

Steam release:

FOX n FORESTS is coming to Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows this Spring, 2018. So stay tuned for further details. Since we will have more information available soon.

Also, for more information on the game, please visit the official website. And follow FOX n FORESTS on Twitter.


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