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FOX n FORESTS platformer now available

FOX n FORESTS platformer now available on linux mac windows games

FOX n FORESTS, the retro action platformer for Linux, Mac and Windows. Developer Bonus Level Entertainment and publisher EuroVideo are to thank. Since Steam users can jump into the action right now with a 10% discount.

So the launch is accompanied by a brand-new trailer. Seeing this also showcases the games nostalgia-inducing gameplay. Check it out below.

FOX n FORESTS platformer Launch Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

FOX n FORESTS players will take control of Rick. Nice name, right? A mischievous fox who embarks on a quest to free the forest from a mysterious power. Wield his magical crossbow against hordes of monsters and enchanted animals.

However, you can change between two different seasons in each level. So this means you can manipulate the environment. Creating falling leaf platforms in autumn, freeze enemies in winter and more. Sort of like Giana Sisters.

While the mystic forest is full of hidden secrets with this powerful ability. Working to uncover the truth behind the fifth season. All by solving puzzles with power-ups. Which also become available after defeating gigantic bosses.

FOX n FORESTS takes the most beloved aspects of timeless classics. Such as the Castlevania, Mega Man and the Zelda series. Combining nostalgic gameplay with modern game design. Since develop completely set in 16-bit graphics.

Gameplay uses an SNES art style and a chiptune soundtrack. Recreate the look and feel of one of the best consoles of all time.

Successfully funded via Kickstarter in 2016. Also the first title from EuroVideo’s new games label Wild River.

Available on Steam:

So for those eager to get int this action plaformer. You can check out the FOX n FORESTS Steam deal, saving 10% until May 24th. Which also brings the price down to $17.99 USD from $19.99 USD. Not a huge savings, but worth it if you’re a fan of the genre.

For more information please follow FOX n FORESTS on Facebook or Twitter.

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