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FoxTail adventure Chapter 3 due May 7th

foxtail point and click game tp receive chapter 3 on linux mac windows pc

FoxTail point and click adventure game will receive Chapter 3 on May 7th for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to the evolving effects of developer Gingertips Game Studio. Due to make it’s debut on both Steam and GOG.

FoxTail is a retro point and click adventure. Which follow the quest of Leah the fox to save her grandmother. Two of the game’s eight chapters are available now on Steam and GOG. Chapter 3 is due to release on May 7th as a free update. So if you already own the game. You’ll be one of the first to experience the new part of the story.

If you know FoxTail, this is a classic point and click quest. One that also takes inspiration from the adventure games of the mid-‘90s. It brings back those sweet childhood memories. Such as the summer break has just started. Watching the sunrise, while breathing the cool morning air. And the world around is full of secrets.

FoxTail gameplay trailer (Early Access)

What features make the game special:

  • Back to the 90s! Foxtail is a retro point and click adventure. Which also includes a classic The Legend of Kyrandia and Monkey Island feel to it.
  • An exciting and heartwarming story of Leah the Fox. Since Leah’s ordinary trip to the countryside turns into a coming of age journey to find a cure for her grandmother.
  • Charming looks. Foxtail is full of carefully created pixel graphics. Besides that, there are lots of cute details and smooth animations. Just look at that sunset!
  • Complex puzzles with a variety of solutions. The game’s puzzles truly challenge your imagination! So you don’t have to follow the one “right” way. As a result, almost every puzzle offers different solutions.
  • The long and winding road. Foxtail offers 8 chapters of classic adventure.

FoxTail is in Early Access now for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Priced at $9.99 USD. The full game will consist of 8 chapters. Available now on Steam and GOG.

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