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FPS Heavy Bullets notoriously brutal, endlessly replayable, roguelike style of game

We had #RogueLegacy bring us the roguelike platformer, #FTL bring us the roguelike real-time strategy space sim-type thing and smooshing together elements of roguelikes with the distinctively garish aesthetic of early ’90s first-person shooters.

Now another developer is having a crack at a roguelike FPS, this time with some interesting elements of survival horror along the way. We present to you, Heavy Bullets.

Heavy Bullets fps endlessly replayable roguelike game for Windows Mac and Linux
The low-poly, psychedelic visuals have a touch of System Shock‘s cyberspace sequences about them.

Heavy Bullets starts you off with nothing but a revolver and six bullets which you must manually pick up and reload after you fire them — at least until you find something better, that is. As you progress through your adventure to reset a security mainframe, you’ll come across plenty of different items, though, ranging from homing bombs to high heels — but you can only carry one at a time unless you come across something to store them in.

In true roguelike fashion, each attempt is its own self-contained affair, but there are elements of persistence between each run. By investing in items such as life insurance or a last will and testament, you can carry across certain items to your next attempt. Your bank account is also persistent, allowing you to deposit money acquired on a particularly lucrative run to be invested in a future incarnation.

The game is presently in Early Access, but is “very close to finished” according to its developer Terri Vellmann. It has eight levels, two bosses and plenty of items and enemies to contend with along the way. Additions to the game will now be fairly minor from a content perspective, and will instead focus on refining what’s already there as well as polishing up the whole experience with additional music and sound effects.

It’s a interesting-looking title with a distinctive aesthetic, and was apparently promising enough for publisher Devolver Digital to pick up even in its presently unfinished form. And for $9.99 it’s not a big risk to give it a shot, either; why not try it out?

Heavy Bullets is available now on Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux.