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Fragment’s Moonrise an open world RTS challenge

fragment's moonrise an open world rts challenge is free to play on linux mac windows pc

Fragment’s Moonrise is an open world RTS challenge on Linux, Mac and Windows PC that’s free to play. Thanks to indie game developer Yyanthire Studio. Which you can play on Steam Early Access.

Fragment’s Moonrise an exciting open world real time strategy (RTS) game. Which also featuring a host of cool content carefully crafted and designed for fans of the genre. Available on Early Access via Steam. While offering a complete playable environment alongside a single playable race.

Fragment’s Moonrise will challenge you to explore vast randomly generated lands. The are all full of surprises, secrets and demonic creatures. Construct a base, gather resources and assemble your army. So you can venture forth to eliminate the powerful beings that have overtaken it. On your journey you will encounter great artifacts. These will certainly help your warriors. Along with great resources to enhance your base. You will face ruthless foes on your quest. So care is needed to prevent your warriors from failing. Assemble your army, wage war on your enemies and move quickly or perish. You can also use different types of characters. Since you can manipulate powerful spells. While you battle for supremacy against the powerful bosses standing in your way.

Fragment’s Moonrise Official Trailer

Fragment’s Moonrise comes with a design to offer fun gameplay. Since this is great for players of all experience levels. Some prefer a difficult game with minimal upgrades. Maybe only a few units for a hard challenge. While others prefer a session with lots of upgrades. Plus a wide variety of spells for a more casual style of play. Fragment’s Moonrise has it all and is crafted to be largely dynamic with a rich set of features. Due to the games cool content highlighting its spellcasting. As well as micromanagement oriented unit control. Plus dodging and overall fast paced gameplay.

Fragment’s Moonrise is still in early BETA. The current version includes a single gameplay environment. A single race with the core gameplay mechanics that are in place. The full version is due to include five environments and three unique races. There will also be even greater bosses and monsters to slay. Plus more spells and warriors to control. Even more overall open world related content and greater RPG like elements. All coming in further updates to the current build.

Fragment’s Moonrise open world RTS challenge is available on Steam. Free to play for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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