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Fragmentum strategy releases on Steam

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Fragmentum is an experimental real time strategy game for Linux and Windows available now on Steam. Which also comes with custom units and factions, dynamic units and complex 3D terrain.

So Fragentum allows players to design their own units and factions. While building the perfect army and using it to annihilate your enemies.

Design workers, factories and soldiers to create the perfect faction. While spreading your dominance in a user driven RTS game. Take advantage 3D terrain with caves, tunnels and space platforms.

So the key here, make each unit unique. Building it from the ground up module by module. Since you can decide on speed, armor and damage output.
Building units to match your play style. Also designing a tech tree by deciding which unit can build other units. And tuning your faction perfectly for all out domination.

Fragmentum Greenlight Trailer (Linux, Windows)


  • Design your units in the blueprint studio. Create workers, soldiers and buildings to make up your faction. Also design your own tech tree.
  • 8 types of weapons modules with different damage profiles. There are 2 armour types to create a simple yet dynamic combat system.
  • Wage war in a truly 3D environment, utilize different platform levels. Since you are working to take the tactical advantage.
  • Dynamic Unit stats.
  • Resources that are never created or destroyed. So you can only recycled into scrap piles. As battle progresses, scrap piles up, making movement more difficult. But also providing some cover from weapon fire. Current battlegrounds are future resource depots.
  • A free camera, command the battle from every angle.
  • An AI, that can analyse and play any set of units.
  • A Map editor allows you to build new maps from some simple components.
  • Procedurally generated maps. Choose one of our procedural map generators or load a premade map.
  • Workshop where Blueprints, factions, Maps (Both static and procedural), and AIs can be shared.

Fragmentum takes inspiration by voxel games such as Robocraft. Also games like Starmade as well as RTS Starcraft. As well as Supreme Commander and Planetary Annihilation.

Steam release strategy:

Fragmentum is available now on Steam and Itch for Linux and Windows priced at $12.99 USD.

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