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Frameland: A Binary Tale is a compact RPG

frameland: a binary tale is a compact rpg game that wants linux support with mac and windows pc

Frameland: A Binary Tale is a compact RPG game that wants Linux support with Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to the innovative team at Frameland Games for bringing this exciting adventure to life. Due to make its way onto Steam in 2024.

Frameland: A Binary Tale is an upcoming adventure that’s catching a lot of attention for its unique play style and captivating story. It’s due to launch in early 2024 for Mac and Windows PC on Steam. Due to be available in English and German. But a native build is also in the plans as well.

We do want to support Linux eventually…

The Frameland team, in their recent email, indicated that they still have much to do, suggesting that a Linux version of the game might not be available right at launch.

Here’s what you need to know about this adventure, especially if you’re into RPGs and like stories that keep you guessing.

Firstly, the combat system is really unique. It’s turn-based, which means you take turns attacking, but there’s a twist. You have to time your attacks just right to do more damage, especially when you hit the enemies’ weak points. This adds an exciting layer of strategy to each battle in Frameland: A Binary Tale.

The story revolves around Ryiu, the main character, who is trying to figure out what’s happening in the world of Condorra. It’s a place full of mysteries, and Ryiu teams up with allies, faces off against enemies, and uncovers secrets. The world is on the edge of falling apart, so there’s a lot at stake.

Frameland: A Binary Tale — Official Gameplay Trailer

What’s really neat about Frameland: A Binary Tale is its focus on humans, robots, and everything in between. It’s a world that’s already seen a lot of destruction, and you get to explore it. The battles are against groups of foes, and the way you fight is key to winning. Timing your attacks just right is essential for the most impact.

The Frameland: A Binary Tale adventure doesn’t drag on too long – it’s about 6 to 8 hours of play, which is pretty short for an RPG. This means you get all the fun in a compact RPG without it feeling like it’s never-ending.

The story is told from two different viewpoints, which makes things more interesting and full of wonder. The art is another high point – it’s pixel art that reminds you of older titles but with a modern twist. The Frameland: A Binary Tale soundtrack is also worth mentioning. It’s like the music from classic 16-bit RPGs, with over 40 unique tracks.

Another feature is how you deal with enemies. You can see them on the map, so no sudden, unexpected fights. If you’re not in the mood to battle, you need to be quick to dodge them. And a fun little detail – you can have pet dogs, real or robotic!

Frameland: A Binary Tale offers a rich, compact RPG experience with a strong story, strategic battles, and unique art and music. It’s a fresh take on classic RPG elements that seems perfect for someone who likes a good story and tactical fights without spending too much time on one game. Due to making its way onto Linux, Mac, and Windows PC via Steam in early 2024.

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