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France new DLC releases for Railway Empire

france the games new dlc releases for railway empire on linux windows pc

France is the games new DLC that releases for Railway Empire on Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to Gaming Minds Studios, who continue to expand the game. Along with the support from leading strategy and simulation publisher, Kalypso Media. Which is available on Steam, GOG and Humble Store.

Since the rail management simulatorRailway Empire continues to expand. Hence thise new France DLC pack. Which also happens to have release discount as well. Taking down the price by 15% until May 31st.

Railway Empire France DLC (Linux, Windows PC)

In the wake of Emperor Napoleon III’s exile. The French monarchy has also collapsed for the second time. So now the Third Republic has taken power.
In the Railway Empire – France DLC. Here players decide the country’s industrial future. Since you can either take sides with a militaristic general. Increase the strength of France’s borders for the coming war. Or help the minister of public work to rebuild the infrastructure of the country. Also undertake the controversial new “Eiffel Tower” project.


  • New scenario – 1874-1890
  • Map expansion: France (available in Free Game and Sandbox modes)
  • 10 historical engines: Coupe Vent (4-4-0) and Forquenot (2-4-2)
  • More than 12 new tradeable goods (wine and soft cheese) and 31 new cities
  • ‘Concession’ feature: The map is divided into sections. Buy concessions to gain access to new building grounds. Also available on the full North American map
  • New songs and updated characters

Railway Empire puts players in the conductor’s seat. Doing so again with the new DLC, France. So you can build extensive rail networks. Develop new technologies. Grow and manage your rail workforce. All while staying a step ahead of the rival tycoons. Using strategic raids and espionage. Previous DLC’s include Mexico and The Great Lakes. Also Crossing the Andes, Great Britain and Ireland, then Germany.

The France DLC is priced at $11.04 USD with the 15% discount. Also in addition to the new DLC, Update 1.9 is live. Also available for Linux and Windows PC. Check it out on Steam, GOG and Humble Store.

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