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Freakout: Calamity TV Show gets a Steam fix

freakout calamity tv show gets a steam fix for linux mac windows pc

Freakout: Calamity TV Show now has a fix on Steam for Linux. Thanks work the continuing work of developer Immaterial Studio. There is a fix for the game on Steam.

Freakout: Calamity TV Show juicy top down old school shooter. Which we also announced for the Steam release.
However, when trying to run the game. It would crash right after the title screen. So I reached out Immaterial Studio for a fix. Who are also eager to work with the Linux community.

The fix for Freakout: Calamity TV Show on Linux:

  • Right-click on the game in you library
  • Select the Beta’s tab
  • From the drop down, select Debug
  • Install the game.

So from here gameplay should be as expected. Do note, the game defaults to keyboard controls. Therefore using a mouse in the chat screen is deceiving.
First, make sure everything works. So start the tutorial using the WASD keys to move around. Then use the arrow keys on the keyboard to shoot.
From here, you can also switch to a controller of your choice. The Dualshock 4 controller works wonders for your game. From here, enjoy a juicy top down dual stick shooter.

Freakout: Calamity TV Show Official Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

Freakout: Calamity TV Show takes place in a disturbing dystopia. One that’s also full of mutants and killing machines.
While you do have a challenge ahead of you. Since you’re the star of a reality show. You will have to fight your way through the deadly enemy waves. Joining the revolution. While you try to take down the evil Fizzy Corp.


  • Fast and Intense action will blow your mind!
  • Challenge your skills from homeopatic level of difficulty. To an overdose of enemies!
  • Crazy dialogues and characters. Also a talented artist behind it all.
  • Freakout: Calamity TV Show has a Killer Soundtrack. You cannot play without headbanging!
  • 2 Player Couch Coop. So double the fun!
  • 19 Levels with varied gameplay, so close to 20!
  • 5 Chapters with badass Bossfights!
  • Beautiful 3D Graphics to display all 13 sexy enemy types !
  • Customize your gear with various weapons and hero modifiers !

Freakout: Calamity TV Show is available on Steam with a discount. Since the games now playable on Linux. Including support for Mac and Windows PC too. There is a Humble Store listing, but no discount.

Also, if you run into any issues. Reach out to Immaterial Studio’s on Discord.

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