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Freaky Awesome roguelite action coming to Linux

freaky awesome roguelite action coming to linux and windows games 2017

Freaky Awesome is a hectic action rogue-lite coming to Linux, Mac and Windows. The games release is available now on Steam, officially October 18th, 2017. Yet expected to have a release for Linux and Mac. The well rogue-lite action is going to have native support.

Linux release:

“Hi, Todd,

We are planning to fix bugs in PC build at first and add a Linux version after that. So it’ll be soon. Probably the end of this month.”

Also where you have to fight your way out of an old factory, full of mutated monsters and traps; the general layout of the factory and its rooms are procedurally generated. Every enemy leaves behind a poodle of mutagen that can heal you, but also mutates you eventually – even if you are in the middle of a fight! In order to survive, you will need to adapt quickly to the powers and specific mechanics of every mutation. Tearing off your head to throw it at an enemy? Sure! Laying eggs and seeing tiny copies of you hatching and fighting for you? Why not! And on top of that, you can use objects in combat and develop your character to unlock new powerful skills, as well as play in co-op with up to 4 players!

Freaky Awesome – Release trailer:

Freaky Awesome Features:

  • Fight against weird mutants in this fast-paced rogue-lite
  • Mutate to survive: mutagens replenish your health but also changes you into wild forms – each with different mechanics and powers!
  • Gain new mutations! Slay bosses to unlock their forms as a newly available mutation
  • Explore a mutating world: the game itself mutates! The map is randomly generated, but the game itself changes every successful run with new unlocked locations and enemies, bigger levels, stronger bosses and new mechanics
  • Avoid traps… or use them to your advantage: explosives, flying barrels, moving saws, flames and even flying pig heads are as deadly to you as to your enemies!
  • Use items to help you in combat!
  • Rogue-lite with permadeath: death is permanent, but your advancements too. You can keep your unlocked items, skills and mutations
  • Play solo or with friends with an up to 4 players co-op. So either locally or online. Even co-op. You can keep the progress earned while playing multi!

Freaky Awesome is now available on Steam for Windows with a 10% discount until November 1st, 2017. The games coming to Linux as well, likely at the end of October.