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Free Latvian expansion releases for Tannenberg

free latvian expansion releases for tannenberg on linux mac windows pc

Free Latvian expansion now releases for Tannenberg on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thank the development efforts of Blackmill Games and M2H. If you do not own the game, you should. Check it out on Humble Store and Steam.

Free Latvian expansion is new for WW1 Eastern Front shooter Tannenberg. The release lets you join the Latvian Riflemen in their battle against German invaders. Which also takes place in a swampy new map. Along the Baltic coast. While wielding new weapons including smoke and gas grenades.

The Free Latvian expansion for Tannenberg introduces the Latvian Riflemen. Also new weapons for Russian and German forces. Hence the mentioned grenades to deploy smoke and gas. So you do not have to wait for an artillery barrage. Now available for the first time in the WW1 Game Series.

In 1915, as the Germans advanced into Latvian territory. While the Russian Tsar gives his approval. Hence the creation of Latvian Riflemen units. Despite Russian efforts, there was still a strong nationalist streak. The Latvian people politicians argued to fight hard to push back the Germans. They were proved right, due to the high number of volunteers. The Free Latvian expansion includes the three battalions. Rather than two as had been originally planned.

In Tannenberg, the Latvian Riflemen are a support squad. So they are using Japanese import rifles and older Winchesters. They are also known for their composure under fire. Their NCO ability can remove weapon sway at key moments in battle. This also allows perfect shots by skilled marksmen. Which you can experience in this Free Latvian expansion.
For trench assaults they carry plenty of grenades in the expansion. While a few squad members carry the iconic US M1911 pistol.

Tannenberg: Latvian Expansion Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

Several weapons have been added to the game. Latvian troops will be able to use the newly added weapons. Such as the Japanese Arisaka Type 38 and Colt 1911 pistol. While Russian squads get the Vetterli M1870/87 and chemical gas grenades. German troops gain access to the Type N Nebelbombe smoke grenade. These last two special gas grenades are a first for the WW1 Game Series. And also gives players new tactical options for attack and defense. Making the free Latvian expansion far better than expected.

Arriving along with the Latvian Riflemen is a new map. The Baltic map features distinct wooden fortifications. These are built on and around the lakes and swamps in the free Latvian expansion.
So you will lead assaults across pontoon bridges. Scramble for cover amidst the sand dunes and pine forests surrounding the marshes. The variety in terrain challenges in this update. Even for the most seasoned Tannenberg players.

Lead Developer Jos Hoebe about the free Latvian expansion. “Creating a map for the Baltic regions was especially interesting. Due to the swampy terrain. Which isn’t something we’ve represented in the WW1 Game Series so far. The Flanders map in our earlier game Verdun probably comes closest. Combining the different landscapes found in the Baltic region into a single map was challenging. But we’re very happy with the result. Bringing a novel battlefield to the game.”

Tannenberg is on sale via Steam with a 50% discount. Celebrating the games new content. Western Front game Verdun is also on Steam sale for 70% off. Which all have releases for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.
Those who are diehard Humble Store users, the games full price here.

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