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Free Stars: Children of Infinity is fully funded

free stars: children of infinity the space action rpg game is 300% funded on kickstarter for linux mac windows pc

Free Stars: Children of Infinity the space action RPG game is 300% funded on Kickstarter for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Pistol Shrimp’s exciting campaign has truly inspired us. Currently still gaining momentum in the crowdfunding campaign.

Pistol Shrimp Games, which comes together with some of the original creators of Toys for Bob. They just kicked off a Kickstarter campaign for their new title, Free Stars: Children of Infinity. This title is a sequel to the beloved Free Stars: The Ur-Quan Masters, and it was fully funded in just three hours. Plus the project is also hit the Linux and Mac Stretch Goal, along with the DRM-free release.

Free Stars: Children of Infinity is all about diving into a galaxy full of amazing stories and a mix of alien beings. While some are friendly, others not so much, and a few we’re just not sure about yet. For those who like “The Ur-Quan Masters,” this title promises to continue the adventure in a galaxy that’s now free from oppression. All thanks to the Alliance of Free Stars.

It’s been a long time coming—three decades, thousands of fan petitions, and dozens of releases, to be exact. The original team behind Free Stars: Children of Infinity, including Paul Reiche III, Fred Ford, Ken Ford, and Dan Gerstein. As a result, they have come together under the new banner of Pistol Shrimp Games. All due to bring us this highly anticipated sequel. They even made a heartfelt statement saying, “Happy days and jubilation, captains! We’ve finally reached the next destination in our quest to bring Free Stars: Children of Infinity to life. Help us complete this journey through the stars.”

Free Stars: Children of Infinity Kickstarter Trailer

The project itself brings back the classic space-faring gameplay but updates it for today’s players. It features a retro look, arcade style combat, and a story that you, as the player, get to shape. As a captain in the Alliance of Free Stars, you’ll explore a vast universe with hundreds of star systems and thousands of planets. Along the way, you’ll meet various alien species. While your actions decide whether you make friends or foes—so be careful.

You’ll also gather resources on different planets to improve your starships and fleets. And don’t worry, you won’t have to face the galaxy’s dangers alone. The title supports online co-op play and competitive PvP matches.

Free Stars: Children of Infinity gets praise from design legends. Due to names like Tim Cain of Obsidian Entertainment, Ken Levine of Ghost Story Games, and Mark Darrah formerly of BioWare. It’s taking influence from many other titles like “No Man’s Sky,” “Subnautica,” and “Stellaris.”

If you’re as excited as I am, you can still back the space action RPG project on Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign until May 17th. They’re offering nice backer rewards like digital content, a physical collector’s guide, and a printed star map poster.

Let’s gear up for an adventure that promises to be out of this world, that’s due to release in August 2025 on Steam. Along with Linux, Mac, and Windows PC support.

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