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Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare and native release

freeman: guerrilla warfare and linux release beside windows games

Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare may get a Linux release. The games developer KK Game Studio are using Unity 3D for the Early Access release.

So for those who do not know, Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare now on Steam in Early Access. The games a single-player release. Featurings a unique combination of tactical first-person shooter and strategy gameplay.
Since players assume the role of a commander and raise money. Also build their army and fight enemies in field combat. Players can also attack hostile territories. And defend currently held ones and eventually dominate the world.

Linux release:

“Really like any game linux will all depend on how the game sells at launch.”

Since this is similar to most games in Early Access. The developers have also stated something similar in the Steam Discussions. Which lead Linux gamers to believe that we will likely see native release. Since Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare holds a 90% Very Positive in game reviews. Well, the odds are looking up. So keep showing that Tux love!!

“There aren’t many first-person shooters combining or strongly focus on strategy and role-playing elements. In Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare, we managed to marry the essence of first-person shooter. Along with grand strategy and role-playing games. All into one unique hybrid game. We want to give players the freedom and challenge. While they choose their equipment, troops, tactics, enemies, and play-style.
Our goal is to provide our players with the first sandbox FPS. And a grand strategy hybrid game. Since this allows a player to experience shooters from an exciting new angle.

The game is not just a shooter; it is about taking the role of an army commander and every action that players make will influence the next steps of their career.” – says, Lead developer, Hai Ren

Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare trailer (Windows, and likely Linux)


So the gameplay is divided into two portions. The overworld map and the first-person shooter.
While in the strategy portion, the player visits locations. Trading for money, upgrading equipment and accept missions. Then engaging enemies on the field or lay siege to towns.

Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare Features:

  • FPS meets Strategy Game
    Start your career with one pistol and 5 soldiers, how would you become the most powerful army in the world? The game is not only about shooting, but also about your career as an army commander.
  • Free-Form Sandbox Game Experience
    Trade with the locals, recruit soldiers, loot villages, fight bandits, attack territories and conquer the world. You are in charge of your own destiny!
  • Epic Large Scale Combat
    Immerse you in really epic battlegrounds of hundreds of combatants. Watch your men charge into enemy lines and spill blood for victory.
  • Commanding an army
    You are not fighting alone. Issue direct orders to your squads during a firefight, taking advantage of the terrain, setting up flanking routes and crush the enemies with the final charge!
  • Realistic Combat Simulation
    Ballistic simulation, detailed environment, realistic sound effects and highly intelligent AI will give you an immersive real battlefield experience.

Release in Early Access games:

Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare is available now on Steam Early Access. The games only playable on Windows, but Linux seems likely. Sadly this is a wait and see. But the games discounted 20% until February 8th. Follow developer on Twitter and join in the discussion via Discord.

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