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Fromto sandbox racing is coming to Linux

fromto sandbox racing is coming to linux windows games

Fromto sandbox racing is coming to Windows and Linux games. Developer Studio Erikson considers the game a childish 2D sandbox game. Which is also being published by Headup Game. Coming to Steam in late Q2 2019.

When the producers of Headup saw Dutch Studio Erikson’s Fromto. One thing was clear, this one is so special. So now it has to be in Headup’s future line-up.
Fromto, has such a remarkable art style. Because it was partially drawn by the developer’s children.
Also, the gameplay comes from the idea of how kids play. So racing and jumping your car through ‘impossible’ tracks. Which you must also modify in-game, together. Crazy!

Linux Support:

“I have the intention to make a Linux port yes. The engine I use is gamemaker studio 2.”

So this is indeed good news. Such a unique game, yet Linux is coming. This should be on day-one. But little is known about the release. This is only the announcement. But Studio Erikson is looking to release on multiple platforms.

Fromto is primarily a multiplayer game. So expect online as well as local gameplay. It also features a hotseat mode. So you can play with four friends using only one controller. The single player on the other hand is quite a challenge. Since it offers +25 levels to compete. Going up against players around the world for best time.

When you see Fromto, you will fall in love with it. When you play it, you will become addicted. Watch the brand-new Announcement Trailer.

Fromto announcement Trailer (Linux, Windows)

Racing in Fromto is turn-based. While in the build round, all players are playing together in real time. Except for hotseat, of course. During the build rounds you can both add helpful objects. So things like ramps. And also make the track harder for your opponents. Using things like traps you place. As the tracks will be passive when it is your race turn again.
This adds a strategic element to the game. Creating a race track together in which everybody wants to win, often results in some hilarious childish chaos!

It all started with a child’s drawing by developer Erikson himself. When he was about 10 years old. In the drawing you follow a small doodle race car along an obstacle course. So crazy only a child could imagine. And thus, was the idea for Fromto is born.

Now, Erikson has worked on Fromto for the past two years. To preserve the essence of the initial idea. He invited two very special people to join his project. His own children Niki (5) and Joep (2). Erikson’s ‘clumsy’ drawing style fits in perfectly. The whole game has been drawn by hand. Doing so multiple times to make it feel alive. According to Erikson, the game in fact becomes alive. “In Fromto many things happen I didn’t put in there intentionally. Fromto surprises me, every time I play it.”

Fromto sandbox racing is an original idea. Simple yet effective. Coming to Steam for Linux and Windows in Q2 2019. No release date or price is available yet. So get out there and Wishlist on Steam.

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