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Fromto upcoming party games release date

fromto upcoming party games release date in linux mac windows pc games

Fromto the party games has a new release date for Linux, Mac and Windows. Just announced from Studio Erikson. Since receiving really positive play sessions at PAX East. And also at Team Choice Award Award from Marooners Rock. So the team is eager to announce the Steam release.

Fromto now has the first fixed release date. So this means day one support for the party game. Releasing on Linux, Mac and Windows on June 4th. So make sure to Wishlist on Steam.

As you cen see from the Kids Creation Trailer below. Fromto quickly gets in hilarious fun. Some laughter and yelling to. There are so many random unforeseen and crazy things.
After all players select their vehicle of choice. Doing so in a short mini game like lobby. They start the first phase in a wild, but pre-set level. All players try to first reach a checkpoint. And then the finish line. But this probably won’t happen in the first attempt. It’s more for checking out the level.

Fromto Kids Creation Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

After all players finished their try of Fromto. The magic happens in the second phase. All the little cars turn into helicopters. So now you’re going to collect different, randomly crate drops. Since they contain new track parts. So you can continue to customise the pre-set level.
This can be helpful for things like new platforms. Also more ramps and jump pads. Or hindering elements such as obstacles and traps. So you can create havoc for your opponents. Or just fun things like a cannon. The one that shoots small bubbles of glue.

In addition to those random pieces for Fromto. There is a shop for every player. So you can buy even more ‘helpful’ things. Using points earned by performing stunts.
Overall, there are more than 50 different parts for use. A time limit will stop your creativity after 60 seconds. And the next round will begin. Personally, I think the time limit adds to the challenge.

All of this comes with a very special art style. The game was created by the developer and contemporary artist Erik Habets. Working together with his two kids Niki (5) and Joep (2).
Do not be mistaken, the game might look childish. Fromto is not only for the young ones. This is a game for kids from ages 8 to 108. And specifically for the grownup kids (and influencers). So be sure to Wishlist on Steam. The game is planned for $14.99 USD and usually a release discount of 10%.

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